Please email [email protected] to book with me for Astrology Consultations, 1-1 Energy Alchemy Sessions, or Private booking of Cacao Ceremony. Summer is a busy time mothering my sons so please know I have limited availability during the summer with a waitlist. Please see EVENTS for what I have on this Summer until Equinox. 1-1 Bookings are now being taken for September.


12 week Astrology Course ONLINE

LEARN AT YOUR OWN PACE (next LIVE course is 20th Feb 2024)
Enjoy hours of recorded classes (video + audio + slideshow visual presentations)
Contribution €300 for the course

Know Thyself: Elevate your Perspective. Learn to commune with energy. Become empowered by your connection with everything.

Astrology Chart: Birth Time, Date + Location
We will use your chart as a basis for learning how to language your own energy blueprint and how you commune with the cycles around you. When you sign up email me your Birth Time, Date and Location and I will generate your chart.



Email: [email protected]



Astrology is a language with many dialects. When you learn to perceive and speak through an astrological lens it can broaden your understanding of yourself, others and the greater cycles we all live through.

“Understanding my own astrological energy literally changed my life and how I engage with others!” ~Z.D

Let’s look at your blueprint, your personal code, the map to discover how to live in flow with your natal energy and utilise the cycles to enhance your engagement with life.

Book a session to review your Birth Chart and current transits to guide you how to navigate what’s mapped out in front of you. Add on: a look at your Fixed Stars or include a channelling based on your charts energy.


  • 90 mins €150 live via Zoom Call

E-mail [email protected] to share a bit more of what you are interested in, is there an area of life your want to explore in particular?

Include in your booking email:

★ Date of Birth

★ Time of Birth

★ Location of Birth

★ Current location of residence (if different to birth location)

TESTIMONIALS: “A series of synchronicities led to me to book an Astrology Reading with Danielle. I had been following Danielle for quite some time on social media and am very new to Astrology but thought that a reading might give me some guidance. However I was totally blown away by it, Danielle’s reading was so in-depth and insightful and I really resonated with Danielle’s messages even down to the language during the session. I honestly couldn’t believe how accurate some of her chart interpretations were. I gained so much insight and encouragement from Danielle’s readings and would definitely recommend her. She has a wonderful energy and holds a beautiful space for her sessions, it was a very special and lovely experience.”


Astrology Session


“Everything begins and ends with energy, work through it on an energetic level and you will experience major changes.”

As a visual intuitive, experienced energy therapist and ascension teacher we can work together to give you greater clarity, peace, confidence and self-love!

Book an Energy Alchemy Session with me to get you shining your Light in the best way you can. In person is 90 mins and includes an optional cup of ceremonial cacao and sound healing.

60 min consultation €100

90min consultation €150

Soul Healing Session


I love sharing insight and wisdom, either learned from my studies or tried and tested for my own journey with ascension. Collected from my teachings over the past 10 years, I have compiled my best classes and courses here in an online school for you to gain access on the go, wherever you are! 

Courses & Classes include:

Astrology & Energy Healing Activations

Pregnancy, Birth and Post Natal

  • Grounding the Soul – Day 120 Ceremony to honour the Soul of the baby entering the Womb
  • Empowered Birth (Taking my ActiveBirth Workshops and Pregnancy Yoga classes online packaged in one course to guide you to be empowered in pregnancy, birth and the early days of new motherhood)
  • Sacred Mother Care (Postnatal Care, Cocooning, short Yoga and Pilates classes to fit in to your new routine, Baby yoga and massage)

Upon Request…and in the process of converting my in-person events to online classes…

  • Crystal Healing
  • Sleep + Dream Crafting
  • Energy Healing Basics
  • Altar Creation

Join me at The 12th Space Ascension School



Who loves cacao?! Yep me too! An absolute game changer… Not just for my personal heart opening practice, enhancing my mood, perception and intuition – but also improving my sugar cravings, giving my mommy-brain more clarity and providing a magical (yet simple) practice to ensure I make time for myself. I use cacao (doses vary) for a daily cuppa to boost my energy levels, to enhance a ritual or ceremony and to balance my sleep and bring depth and clarity to my astral travels/dreams.

Want to Purchase Ceremonial Cacao?

Either purchase direct from me (based in Portugal)


Please use this Affiliate link 

or code 12thspace19uk40 at check out on Keith’s Cacao Site

Invite this heart awakening medicine into your life….

If you want to learn more about Ceremonial Cacao and using your Cacao in personal or group practice, consider joining my Ceremonial Cacao mentorship

Also available on my Ascension School


“Danielle’s incredible ability to hold a clean/neutral space, helped me feel safe and calm, while not attempting to “fix” or have any expectations of me, allowed me to connect with myself (and soul), and experience new levels of consciousness, in a profound and transformative way. I am eternally grateful for her gentle guidance. Facilitators and practitioners who are mindful enough of not bringing their own “stuff” into healing experiences are unique, and I suspect it’s not a skill that can be easily taught – so perhaps Danielle’s ability to hold space is a natural gift.” Sarah Allison


Group Healing Ceremony (Private Booking)

Please email for pricing and availability. Location flexible, currently in The Algarve, Portugal taking private retreat bookings.

Check out my events in The Algarve, Portugal + Dublin, Ireland + London, UK

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