Learn the language of the stars. Decode your own blueprint – the map to self discovery, and live life to its fullest potential with remembrance and awareness. Join my self paced course to learn the basics of reading your Birth Chart and understanding Astrology Language.

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Make every day worthy of ceremony. You live in Divine Communion with the reality around you. Enjoy some personalised honouring with one of my personally tailored Cacao Astrology Ceremonies, Crystal Bowl Sound Healing + Crystal Grid and Energy Healing Sessions.

Book in for a 90 min consultation to learn about your Birth Chart, your current Transits, Gifts and your Soul Calling. The Astrology I use to guide with is learned from The Blue Rose School of Astrology, with a more psycho-spiritual slant on the readings to guide you on aligning with Soul Purpose. Western + Draconic Astrology. 

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