Invite this heart awakening medicine into your life….

….and let me be your friendly guide! 

I love to share my love of cacao and how much this kind plant medicine has altered and upgraded my life!

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Cacao Mentoring: 

Cacao Mentoring

Once you order (with my affiliate link) and received your cacao – ensure you have emailed me to avail of your preparation guide and begin by reading that so you have all you need to make a yummy and smooth cup of cacao! 
Once you receive your block of Cacao: Hold the block in your hands and bless it – whisper (mentally state) your intention and invite the Spirit of Cacao (perhaps invoke Mayan Ixchel or Ek Chuah) to guide you and open your heart and body to the cacao medicine.
I suggest listening to some songs that carry meaning for you, either from a playlist list this one or this one or songs by Liquid Bloom are fab for ceremony.
Create a sacred space: using candles, incense and oracle cards. Perhaps make a connection to each of the elements Earth, Fire, Water and Air. For example:
  • Candles (fire)
  • Glass of water / shell / Cup of cacao (water)
  • Crystals / pebbles / a plant/flowers (earth)
  • Incense / feather / bell (something that connects to sense of smell or makes a light sound/music) (air)
Create a comfy seat, using a yoga mat, cushion and blanket.
If you have never experienced cacao before I suggest starting with a low dose (see my guide booklet for dosage or arrange a call for more info) or joining a cacao ceremony group or 1-1 session to experience it’s true power. I offer Shamanic Cacao Sessions (online or in person), by purchasing via my affiliate link you can obtain a 10% discount on my 90 min sessions.
When you have chopped and prepared your cacao (see document attached) play your music as you whisk your cacao in your pot adding your flavours and speaking to the cacao with you current feelings and what you want to achieve from a moment with Cacao.
Once ready and smooth, pour into your cup and take it to your sacred space.
The senses are all involved in this experience. Smell the aroma, let the taste linger, enjoy the colourful bubbles…. Cacao heightens your senses so activate them by drawing attention to how they respond to cacao.
It takes about 20-30 mins before you feel the cacao ‘working’ so this is a good time to prepare: with options like trataka, journal, sing, dance, do yoga, draw oracle cards…. then enter into meditation. 
Sit or lay down and observe your extra sensory perception…. 
And Enjoy!
Cacao is a powerful healing plant medicine. Respect it and She will hold your hand on the path to Heart Awakening Bliss!!
Thank you for choosing to experience cacao with me.

Sourced from Guatemala

The Cacao I share with you is the Original Ceremonial Grade Cacao sourced from ‘The Chocolate Shaman’ Keith Wilson in Guatemala. “Ceremonial” Cacao is 100% raw chocolate, the beans are blessed by shamans.

Cacao is a superfood, a plant medicine – Theobroma Cacao translates to – the food of the gods! This name is derived from the Greek; from theos, meaning “god”, and broma, meaning “food”. 

We can simplify this and say it is just pure raw chocolate, which it is. But those who have experienced its magic know that it really is more than that 😉  


There is a long list of benefits and enhancements that come from Cacao – for example 40% increase of blood flow to the brain. When you drink cacao you invite it to heighten your extra sensory perception and awakening your consciousness. Let the Cacao Spirit hold your hand while I guide you with meditation and breath work to an altered state – like that of when you are dreaming – but you will be conscious! We will release what no longer serves you and invite your soul gifts in to be integrated.  

Cacao is naturally high in iron, magnesium, and B-complex vitamins  great for cardiovascular health.

Cacao is also renowned for releasing dopamine and endorphins in the body, which soothe symptoms of PMS as well as depression, by boosting our mood.

Cacao contains anandamide, which is known as the ‘bliss’ molecule. This is the same thing produced in your body when you workout and you feel a rush of good energy.

It helps to balance blood sugar levels, and create more blood flow to the brain — helping to strengthen awareness and focus.

Keith Wilson will say that “Cacao can be used to enhance any endeavour:

  • Consciousness / Spirituality – yoga, meditation, healing work, lucid dreaming (low dose), dance and channelling.
  • Workplace productivity – substitute it for your coffee or energy drink – it will surpass the effects of coffee without the coffee frazzle.
  • Creativity and art – paint, dance, write, sing… beauty and music are more alive with cacao.
  • Athletics and physical training – boosts your stamina and your heart rate, greater flow of blood supply to your entire body, muscles and organs.
  • Healthy living – take as a daily food supplement to lift your mood, keep you energised in this busy world, and rebalance your systems.” – Keith Wilson The Chocolate Shaman

For centuries, cacao has been used to heal the mental, physical, and spiritual body.

“For me, personally, I went from a sleep deprived mom of a toddler using coffee and sugar to get me through the day, this in turn made my moods swing like crazy and my focus, memory and attention was lagging. With Cacao daily I no longer crave chocolate (e.g. dairy milk etc.) or sugary confectionery, like cookies and junk food. Literally, if you knew me you would be shocked to hear I no longer eat chocolate and cookies…. Ha! I actually don’t crave it anymore. It is in my house, but I just don’t go for it. And as a person who works a lot with subtle energy – as an empath and Highly Sensitive Person-  for me cacao has massively enhanced my nervous systems strength to still feel/see all that I do, but with greater clarity so I don’t get so knocked by it.” Danielle Donnelly Smyth

Want to purchase Ceremonial Cacao? Please use this Affiliate link or code 12thspace19uk40



Please note that anything written about Cacao here is not medical advice or to override that advice of your health practitioner. Please research Ceremonial Cacao and your own medication.

Those on heart medication, anti depressants, anti psychotic medications need to check with your doctor. Low dose of anti depressants are fine, ensure to drink loads of water so you don’t get a migraine.

Pregnant and Breastfeeding: This is fine if you have drank cacao before. As you will know your body and will need to adjust if you feel it is not assisting you. If it is your first time trying Cacao, start with a low dose and see how you feel from there. In Central America Cacao is used by midwives as an anti-morning-sickness remedy and prenatal vitamin boost for prenatal women*. You may need to lower dose in 3rd trimester. Breastfeeding moms can check in with how baby is responding to it.