Venus Evening Star in Gemini 2024

Posted on: June 6, 2024

Part I

Poetic Musings – The Kiss

Catch the Class recording – Venus Cazimi Presentation, Ceremony + Meditation

Myth of Venus – The Descent of Inanna

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This year, our Heart is maturing and evolving in the expression of Mutable Air – Gemini. 

4th June 2024 Venus Crowned as Evening Star in Gemini.

6th June Venus Conjoins the New Moon for integration. 


Part II

The Seed


Before we look at the seed of this Venusian cycle, have a listen to the Sound of Silence, by Simon and Garfunkle, recorded in March 1964, just 2.5 months before the first Venus Star Point in Gemini occurred for us in this age. Two gifted musical men offered up a cultural prayer, “hear my words” the importance of communication, “whispered in the sounds of silence”…. 

The becoming maturity (next 4 years in the Venusian Cosmic Clock) is a development from the activation codes of phosphorus (Light bringing / Morning Star Venus) that conceived a new way for humanity at the Morning Star in Gemini Birthed in June 2020, that occurred alongside a perception split and mind virus that proved to be far more effective than any biological illness at dividing and deceiving. 

These attempts to suffocate this ‘way’ into being became a strenuous relearning process for the Heart, one that deeply evolved us. The Venusian twin gods, Phosphorus and Hesperus, are still teaching us much about ourselves, just like many ancient stories of twin gods, or brothers vying for their people to learn how to discern between good and evil. This story is no different, the silver linings just need to be comprehended from the Heart.


Humanity is incredibly adaptable, strengthened by our existence during a Royal Mutable Cross era. In 2020, the Venus Star Point dovetailed with the Lunar North Node in Gemini, a dharmic shift in perception. It could almost be viewed as a necessary ‘baptism of fire’ as we test our reaches within this Air cycle ♊︎ ♎︎ ♒︎. Learn our weaknesses as a collective mind and work together towards strengthening this capacity going forward. 


As if collectively breathing and sifting consciousness through the silver mesh sieve. If it wasn’t seized as a rebirthing opportunity then it was just another clever cage to corral the masses, form a hive mind. The game of ebony and ivory was in full swing.

The Venus Twin Gods: Phosphorus and Hesperus, Morning and Evening Star


(Do you remember June 2020?

I remember what breathed into existence then.

Visions and Channellings with others offered excited intrepidation. I remember the spark of Light that charged consciousness then, it moved like an invisible, soundless explosion that breathed out and the trees folded and sprang back up again. Nothing looked to be different but the air was carrying a new force. 

The hysteria and fear blinded most, was it Covid? Was it 5G wifi towers? Was it graphene oxide? Was it the Blue or the Red? Was it Black or White?

I remember going to share these on the eve of the Gemini Venus Star Point and a checkerboard of black squares populated this platform, leaving little airing space or awareness for anything other than that.)


Social movements are easy to stoke, it’s a thought virus that moves faster than fire. And our online existence has us in a net, broadly connected to the easy sharing of concepts, theories and stories. Rapid Air, Gemini whispers circulate and with blinkers on, noisy enough to preoccupy the mind with a tangle of concepts and opinions. 

Then, so many were afraid to breathe and connect to the natural world they are part of, to pause II and reflect on their heart resonance, instead breeding in the wetiko that gripped the globe. What a peculiar time, curiouser and curiouser….. 


This year 2024, Venus crowned Evening Star at 14º ♊︎ carries additional Mutable Air allies, with Jupiter and Mercury Conjoined at 2º Gemini, adding a jubilant dexterity to support a positive outlook for this maturing Star Point. (Sabian Symbol:The Garden Of The Tuileries In Paris) Crystallisation from intuitive mind to reason, supra-consciousness exchanging with ego mind, patterns becoming thought-form…

What are we filtering through now? Where will this lead us?


These invisible days securing wisdom and strengthened by the Loving embrace with Sol, the remembrance that not everything spoken or shared comes from the heart. That resonance speaks louder and that is the expansion that is required for this evolution to manifest. We each are an Instrument of Sound, Light and Consciousness. Break the threads of the net that entrap you, enslave you, the iridescent threads that support your Heart Conscience are communicating with you.



Part III

Connect to the Expression you value most. 

In these days before our Evening Star Rises out of invisibility (10th July) What part of yourself are you calling to resuscitate? Breathe that into your reality. Let the unnecessary chatter fall and the harmonic chimes guide you. Discern with the Heart Breath. 


You are one of the many hums in the buzz of Humanity, what a calamity, what fineness, what an orchestral revelry. Marvel in that, what a curious collective expression we are, Beautifully complex. Yet equally how simple, to be at peace when you breathe intune with your heart. It just takes a few breaths to find your Grace happy to connect and expand peace.  


While the Sun holds Venus, let this Spotlight highlight a part of this expansive narrative that serves your development. Can you truly listen to the Wisdom you seek? An essence that enlightens and revives…

As a Sovereign Heart, with eyes of your own to see, senses to perceive, and two hemispheres to decipher with logic and intuition. You choose what to process, to digest and what influences are of value to you. 


Your intention is paramount, as it backs your voice resonating with your heart. Pause II Remember you can choose to lend loving neutrality woven through your words. And utilise your two hands to connect the assuming polarising beauty and chaos that ensues as we traverse these times of the shifting Veils of Perception. 

One Heartbeat. 

Many perspectives, many paths, many connections.

Know yourself. Know your Heart. 


Dates to be aware of if you want to align with Rising Evening Star Venus 

  • ⭐ Venus Star Point at 14º ♊ Gemini Cazimi – Evening Star 4th June 16:34 BST ⭐
  • Evening Star Rise 10th July post Sunset in the west 
  • Greatest Elongation 10th Jan 2025
  • Venus Retrograde 2nd March 2025
  • Evening Setting 19th March 2025 
  • ⭐Venus Star Point at 2° ♈ Aries Cazimi  – Morning Star 23rd March 2025 ⭐


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