The Kiss

Posted on: June 6, 2024

Venus Cazimi: Held in the Heart of the Sun

4th June 2024 Venus is Crowned as Evening Star in Gemini

“Held in Glory

Imbued with Pure StarLight

Blinding the noise from Ishtar’s perception 

A moment to Witness and Process Her service to Gaia 

and the creativity that flourishes there through Her manifestation


This Kiss, Held in the Heart of our Star Sol

She lingers

She Breathes

She learns and and neutralises 


Evolved, matured 

Spirit Infused 

Her Love affair with Sol honours Her 

Crowned as Queen of the Heavens


With a deep restoring Breath

She is ready to return reigning 

Delivering the message of the the evolutionary power our Great Heart Perception has

Our Love affair with Spirit Embodied…. 


CoCreators, Relating, Sharing Life with humility

Weaving the silver threads of our stories into the fabric of humanity

Breathe into Expanded Love

Activate the wisdom of the Toroidal Heart Field” 

Venus Remains invisible held in the Light of Sol until 10th July when She rises as Evening Star post dawn in the Wise West. 


In last night’s ceremony (recording available VENUS CAZIMI CEREMONY) we reflected back to the seeding point of the Gemini Morning Star Cazimi from 2020:

What has developed in you since then?

Has your perception had a chance to neutralise?

Has your nervous system developed with the guidance of your Heart’s Truth?

How do you share Love?

Does what you say and what you see align?

What are you calling into manifestation with your Heart’s echo?


Watch the Live recording of the Venus Cazimi Class, Ceremony and guided meditation


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