Scorpio Full Moon Reflections

Posted on: April 26, 2021

Full Moon Reflections + Questions to ask yourself:

Scorpio energy is about the alchemical process of inner transformation – not just the high rise of numinous flight, equally not solely the chaos + destruction that produces a new cycle… it is the transformation process in its entirety. Feel that. This Full Moon celebrate it in you. Celebrate the Yin, going within the feeling.

Following on from my previous post sharing an out of body experience last New Moon in ♏️, I reviewed the more mundane + heavy areas of processing emotional growth. Reflecting over the 6 months with these prompts:

  1. How has the depth + impact of change, the lows of loss + intense emotional pain reformed me?
  2. Have I succumbed to required periods of stillness + quietness, to feel into the power of emotional alchemy?
  3. Is my heart celebrating if fear + separation become the governing authority?
  4. What can I action to build trust in the unfolding of life?


Hold appreciation for what has arisen from personal healing. Bowing with deep respect for the internal ascension triggers to engage in emotional empowerment rather than feed the fear + separation script.

As this lunation is one of the greatest portals of the year to heal our emotions collectively, we can acknowledge the chaotic dismantling of dense shadows that has allowed us all to stare into the abyss + question ‘what does power really mean?’ How does that word ‘POWER’ make me feel?

Do I feel empowered with my choices? Do I disempower the choices of others?


Through the intense currents of transmutation, oppression + sovereign empowerment, there have been moments of sink or swim – be kind – both responses are relative. Life is made up of these spiralling moments.

Shroud in obsession, control, taboo + unknown answers, the weight of the Hidden is being highlighted now. If parts of you felt buried under the intensity of change, this Full Moon offers a healing balm. Shine a light on the deep hurts, give them a space to be released + healed. With depth of awareness, surrender to your emotional + physical upgrades + adaptations.

The process may be messy, not perfect, but this is the remedy of the inner heart. For the Scorpio Full Moon, which will appear larger as it rises in the evening on the 26th and 27th April, take time to review your past 6 month.

Metamorphose, like that found in the Fixed Water energy ♏️, only takes you where you are consciously ready to go. Do not attempt going beyond where you haven’t yet begun. Allow death + rebirth to be a part of your Soul Journey. Relinquish the fear + the power trip. Embrace the empowerment of this alchemy you possess, always adapting + transforming in a multitude of ways.

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