Psychedelic Butterfly

Posted on: April 26, 2021

In deep reflection this week, as another year around the Sun passes and half a cycle since my second child entered this world a few days before the Scorpio New Moon last November.

With the upcoming Scorpio Full Moon reminding me of those intensely transformative experiences – surrendering, birthing, transforming, evolving… I ponder the celebration of metamorphoses for this Full Moon:

But first I share one such experience in reflection back to the New Moon in Scorpio last year.


About 2 days after Seb was born at home, in that delicious space before astral travel commences, just before falling asleep, I experienced a beautiful visionary moment that transcended within me – quintessential Scorpio New Moon vibes! Due to the high waves of oxytocin and the natural surge of DMT post birth, I had the most psychedelic out of body experience. Such bliss!  (It had been months since I had enjoyed my regular flow of visionary and dream time travels – Seb’s pregnancy had really anchored me be down heavy, with very little physical energy and minimal clairvoyant action.) So this lucid travel was a welcome one!

At first I saw a series of black and white checkered patterns, flashing between that to rippling vivid colours, then witnessing magnificent butterfly wings emerging from a cocoon and spreading wide with incredible expansion. As the wings fluttered my own body began that old familiar sensation of lifting up, swirls of energy spinning around me, a sensation like being dizzy, vertigo, but razor sharp perception. I was aware of this etheric exchange and equally so present with my new born baby beside me in bed. Every sense was heightened as I witnessing the difference in dimensional vibrations. In that moment something shifted, one cycle ended and another began, life evolved, ascension continued.

This short lucid experience was all I needed to remind me of the euphoric expanse that comes with death, birth and transformation. I succumbed to slumber shortly after and relaxed with the trust that my energy body continued the flight of celebration and my consciousness slept while I physically adjusted and adapted to this renewal.


Scorpio energy is more about the alchemical process of inner transformation – not just the high rise of numinous flight, equally not solely the chaos and destruction that produces a new cycle… it is the transformation process in its entirety. Feel that. This Full Moon celebrate it in you. Let it move in you and through you.

Metamorphoses, like that found in the Fixed Water energy ♏️, only takes you where you are consciously ready to go. Do not attempt going beyond where you haven’t yet begun. Allow death and rebirth to be a part of your Soul Journey. Relinquish the fear and the power trip. Embrace the empowerment of this alchemy you possess, always adapting and transforming in a multitude of ways.

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