Light Language

Posted on: February 12, 2021

Light Language is divine communication. Though it may sound peculiar, look bizarre or not conform to your mind’s known way of ‘reading’, It is a universal language that bridges the gap of only one way, communing deeper to the coding that unites us as a vast + varied collective consciousness.

On a non-logical level, you continuously intuit codes, patterns, sounds, colours or sensations around you, filtered via your extra sensory perception. This happens with or without your awareness -an intrinsic part of your response to the world around you. It is instinct + intuition. Despite the current times growing a society that may superficially lessen its value, dismissing it as impractical or nonsensical, it is inherent for humanity’s evolution.

Each individual expresses Light Language: verbally spoken or sung, through movement + visual symbolism like writing or art. It is the most primal form of communication. It is tuning within + listening to a unique flow of energy and allowing it to come through you unfiltered.

This, for me, exemplifies Aquarius. The connection between the realms, understood from a space within, that crosses the lines of mental comprehension, speaking to our pure essence.

Light Language is Aquarius! Yes an “alien” mode of communication but found within our United Consciousness that spans creation of all forms. The most innate yet advanced coding that exists is the StarLight Codes that make up your cellular connection to your own unique expression within this expansive multiverse.

Have we not become the alien to our past + future connections? Aquarian energy reconnects us to the collective conscious web of existence spanning the timeless dimensions.

Light Language is a remarkable art form, align within and it effortlessly flows.

For the New Moon in Aquarius : try it out!

Go into the sounds. Or go beyond/behind the sounds. This is not a logical thing to do but a highly restorative thing for the mind. Let go. Invite a New Energy in. Let it excite your existence.

I use Light Language as a personal meditation + channelling tool for years. It first came through as an attempt to alleviate the bombard of coding that I received every time I closed my eyes in 2012. Particularly as a synesthete (synesthesia) -every word or sound forms a vivid display of colour of imagery- using Light Language in meditation heightens my experience + fine tunes the imagery for clairvoyant channeling.

Everything has an energy that is communicating with you, the Sun and Stars, plants, animals, the vibe of a place, or a group of people, and of course the Aura and Energy of each person. Depending on what is coming forward, I occasionally share in-person at ceremony or 1-1 shamanic healings, despite the other not logically understanding the “words” they always receive the message that is meant for them.

It’s a big part of my internal world ?✨?⚡️? (12th House ♊️Moon trine ♒️Jupiter on Mc)

Some message speak directly to you others won’t, that is the beauty of Light Language each person receives what they need from each transmission.

And remember, ever word – written or sounded out- even in your own native language carries Light Codes. There are powerful intentions and energy in all you think and how that translates in what you communicate.

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