♒︎ Aquarius New Moon ♒︎

Posted on: February 10, 2021

Spread your Celestial Wings Sovereign Being of Light

Aquarius New Moon

11th Feb 2021  19:06 GMT

Fixed Air ♒︎

The in-breath, the mind, internal communication, the invisible essence of life – the Holy Spirit…. Connection to the Great Mind, claircognizant – the gift of knowing. Knowing Self.

Feel into this Lunation with 6 planets in Aquarius ⚡️

Moon Conjunct Sun in Aquarius : Turn on all the Lights, let your heart, mind and DNA awaken. The ancient future codes of Light/Life are streaming into our planet. The timeless energy of Origin. Plug in.

Become part of the upgrade – both planetary and personal, collective and cosmic – this doesn’t happen to you, this happens because of you. Become the upgrade for humanity.

Lilith square to Jupiter conj Venus : tensions rising as we transform + rebirth the Union of the Divine Heart and Great Mind, there is a huge expansion taking place but with expansion there may be tremendous pain in the growth process. Open up and allow the Heart of your Soul to be rewired.


Chiron sextile Saturn : The key to unlock your jammed door is there… will you reach out and take it? Use this New Moon to heal old wounds that have formed the bricks of the walls that barricade you in from your wise and wonderful reality beyond the superficial confines. See into the hurts that form you, you are that and more. Connect beyond with the ancient future versions of your best self to recalibrate your experience of the now.


Uranus square Saturn : feel into the fear of the instability, observe your freaky side, let the suppressed + untamed parts of you speak up. This is a time to make this part of you feel safe to be held in your body as Divine Manifest. Trying to keep it contained is only lending to the false pretence of going into your bolthole – this dynamic force will erupt eventually.

You are the change maker. You choose how to perceive this experience. You carry that power. This is a mind game. A real life experience filled with rollercoasters and snakes + ladders. Be with the hardships + softenings. Be awake to them and their effects on you. You can be played or you can open your eyes ? and play it.


By listening to your Heart and your Intuition – you know what to do. If you need ideas ?

? Try Consciously Breathing observing its effects on your entire system. Catch yourself even at your “worst” and breathe into that experience. How does it alter you?

? Activate with the Light Codes. Feel into the currents. Ground into Earth. Look up to the Skies. Tune into your energy. You are the link between out there and down here. Become the active channel.

Listen to the language of the Stars. There is much to learn. Everything is energy. Everything is connected. Speak with cosmic conviction of all that you are connected to. Your words form the connections that build your reality. What you choose to listen to and let in will reinforce this reality. Hold compassionate space to hear the echos of difference.

???? Enlighten your Mind. Read, meditate, listen to music, make music, write create… elevate your perception and express yourself.

???  Connect to your Guides. You are a pure consciousness, embodied in this now moment experiencing your own version of reality. Call in your fragmented reflections for unification and guidance. It is easier to personify reflections of your consciousness in order to learn and develop your experiences for growth. Do so and remain connected to now, your heart and body and the reality you are living in.

? Namaste. See the life in others as your own. Even if they are vastly different to you. How can you radiate your Light to brighten it for both of you?

(It’s not about being the brightest or dimming yours so another can shine. Do you buzz with excitement with the people you connect with? If not, where can you open for change to create greater alignment? If no buzz is going to occur then stop shorting your circuit and cut your ties! There are people, places and experiences for everyone to “buzz” on (sticking with this visual) let the currents of Light unite where they need to and die out where they are not serving the power grid. Plug in where you will be most sufficiently charged up! )

Namaste: The Light in Me acknowleges the Light in You as the same. This honour unites our differences.

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