Waves of Change

Posted on: July 17, 2023

Waves of Change

Cancer New Moon 🌑🌊Lunar Nodes Shift  🐉🔥

17th July 2023 

☾ ♋︎ 19:31 BST -1:00

☊→♈︎  20:59 BST -1:00


Watch the intensity rolling through the waves of our time. What a profound change humanity is experiencing – yet we cannot always fathom the impact a pause to reflect on this would do to us. To open the Heart Space, to allow that outpouring of Love to flood all we are connected with; To remember this choosing to expand our awareness; To begin loving all the feelings we have swathed in forgetfulness to hide our emotions from ever expressing in the golden light of day or the silvery hues of night. 

But this could lead us to be more aligned with the great Oceanic Realm of Consciousness and that would mean facing our creative power and destructive beauty. That could mean uniting with our dreamscapes and integrating their shadows and following their illuminations. 

The loving Heart feels this complexity. On this New Moon can you feel what it is calling for you to acknowledge? 


Perhaps destiny will play its part?! 

Just as this lunation is showing us, the waves of impact could knock us out and open us to awe and purity of heart that could lead to a huge eruption of the suppressed magma, the golden Amrita of our consciousness. Perhaps for now, feeling the initial rippling waves of our cellular memories that keep our hearts buoyant in this wondrous expression of expanding consciousness is enough… for now. 


This New Moon in Cancer heralds the shift of the lunar Nodes into Aries and Libra. And begins a countdown of the next 18.5 months to 0° of the Equinox point ♈︎ ♎︎

– Divine Balance of the Yang and Yin. The Lucifer (Light Bearer) and Zaphaiya (Sophia/ Wisdom) point. Which I spoke about in my latest offering Awaken the Dreamer. Recording available ink in bio. 


As of our collective fate and karma zigzag it out in our celestial playground seeking to awaken us from this ego hunt for immortality that perpetuates the illusionary separation, we may feel the initial stirrings rousing us from our amnesiac slumber and in time, wake remembering that this golden Amrita is flowing through our infinite channel of expression. 


New Moon Blessings 🙏 


Inspired by Hard Aspects: 

Sun conjoined Moon in Cancer, opposing Pluto and Square the Lunar Nodes, Square Chiron and Trine Neptune. And the Lunar Nodes shift into Aries and Libra. Based on my offering Awaken the Dreamer a 3.5 hr webinar about the importance of Lucid Dreaming now, plus a guided meditation and dates and affirmations for an 18 month dream practice. 


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