Virgo New Moon Questions

Posted on: September 10, 2021

Hi! I’m back from my summer break with some musings inspired by the astrological energy of the Virgo New Moon

♍︎ Virgo  – Mutable Earth  Ruled by Mercury 

{ Adaptation for Evolution 

Both Trust and Effort to Optimise Life

Communication of Organic Manifestation 

Acts of Kindness and Humble Labour }


Some Questions for Reflection on the Birth of the Virgo Moon:

  • Information overload, how does your body respond? 
  • Physical challenges, how does your mind react?

And how has this adapted in recent times to optimise your health and growth?

  • How do you view life? What is your call and response as you wander through your garden of life?
  • What is hindering your ability to imagine and rely on possibility?

Has grief, fear or doubt caused you to forget how to act upon faith and kindness?

Do the answers to these musings elevate our modus operandi from mechanical or animalistic functions?


Guidelines, mindsets, instructions, perceptions, protocols, methods, rituals and habits…. We all have them, imposed, conditioned or self learned through trial + error. This is what YOU choose to live by, it’s your call, the information + matter you digest and offer out becomes you – as a response becomes what you live with, becomes your potential for evolution + growth. Mutable Earth offers us this energy.

This Virgo Season (22 Aug-22 Sept) + Virgo New Moon (01:52am 7th Sept) check in with how you engage with Mutable Earth Energy in your life.



Disengage with Depleting Virgo Energy:

  • Let go of Over-Analysing minuscule details to the Detriment of Function + Efficiency, instead of jarring the Receptiveness of the Body, let it Progress in unison of Trust + Effort.
  • Release the Mind + Body from working in constant “fix mode”, instead operate with good intentions to Support + provide ground to Thrive with Minimal Tinkering.
  • Check in with Myopic Perceptions that stunts the Imaginative Invention, instead of reducing Life to rudimentary or primitive in function, encourage Living through Transcendental Evolution.
  • Commit to Healing the habitual functioning in stress (fight, flight, freeze) due to Fear + a Perception of illness, scarcity or danger, which weakens the body’s capacity to remember the remedies of health are found in One’s Habitual Actions and Response to the world surrounding it.

Aligning with Elevating Virgo Energy: 

  • Utilise the Ability to Adapt to Changes + Challenges and the Skill to Discern when to Act on your Perception.
  • Be Effective with How to Offer the Self for Assistance, Healing + Growth of both the Everyday Duties and for the Expansion of Collective Purpose.
  • Be Astute with What to Ingest or Take on (physically, mentally, energetically) to Produce a Thriving Vessel + Optimised Living in unison with Life.
  • Adopt a Mindset that is Open to Learning, that Understands + Evolves, that Trusts in the Nature of Life.

This ALL exists in you, in your personal energy blueprint that communicates with your Organic Manifestation – your Living Body – to provide a safe + competent container to be of service to you, your body, this life’s offering.

And trust that it connects + engages with the Collective Organic Body of Consciousness that is abundantly supportive in the mirror image of you.

Reflecting on the Moon + the Sun in Virgo, they provide an opportunity to seed these qualities within + act as a reminder to practice applying this energy to your life.


Danielle @12thSpace

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