Virgo Full Moon

Posted on: February 23, 2024

Full Moon 5°♍︎ Virgo – Saturday 24 March 2024 at 12:31 UT 

Ground your Divinity. Adapt to be of the highest quality of Service you can be.

Review what has come to bloom since the seed of this cycle back on 27 August 2022 🌑♍︎ New Moon 4° Virgo. 


Full Moon is a time of amplification: 

Observe what is peaking into your awareness during the Full Moon. Many things build to brim + over spill, many things can seem exaggerated, this plumping of the Unconsciousness, is like a magnifying glass held over the waters that reflect your Soul message back to you. What spills needs to be released + let go off, what is made glaringly clear can be noted + tended to in due course. Use this time of reflection to Nourish, not starve your Soul. 


A time of gratitude:

To balance this Virgo Full Moon energy, practice an attitude of gratitude. 

The application of regular moments of contemplation upon gratitude for what you are: a spirit living out an expression in a body, gratitude for your life… for what you have – not in comparison, not with criticism – just in loving gratitude for the simple things. Things of the present moment. Look around. Feel the breath serve you as it undulates through your cellular memory, stirring emotions. 

Gratitude for the sensation of tears on your cheek calling you into this very moment of life. To feel it, heal it and Love it. 

This practice fills the cup. Let gratitude be amplified and other overwhelms or worries be cleansed in that cup of illumination. 



Carries the theme of analyses, getting things in order, tending to the earthly requirements, daily routines, health habits + service to the body + the bodily needs. 

With the Full Moon in Virgo, these traits can be observed in yourself, how can you be of better service to yourself and to others. 


With this Lunar Cycle conjunct Fomalhault, the Royal Star, one of the Ancient Watchers. Holding the Pure Heart of Loving Healing Waters to flow to our Consciousness. 

We sit in reflection with this Full Moon and Merge with these energies. Unite the loving Piscean Consciousness with the faithful Virgoan Embodiment.

Blessings 🙏


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