Venus Star Point

Posted on: September 9, 2022

Venus Star Point 


Have you noticed a shift, perhaps very subtle, or like myself quite a distinct change of energies but maybe you did not know what was influencing this vibratory alteration. Something in you shifted – feels tame, calm perhaps? An inner illumination, where/what is this glow within highlighting? 


Have you felt a gentle call urging you to soften and give into the Light(energy) of something stronger that guides your Heart – Did you ignore it or are you ready to respond to it? 


Would you like to rid the distractions and noise that rob you of a radiance you know is your birthright? Let’s feel into this through the astrological lens of Venus… 


Less than a week ago Venus entered into Virgo, with the Sun radiating at 13° Mutable Earth in-front of Her. More importantly, this close to Sol makes Venus enter her Invisible Stage of the 18 month dance we perceive from Earth. As She approaches Her superior conjunction with Sol (22 Oct 2022) we are drawn IN to receive this illumination of Great Love, to resolve our Heart’s hurt, to reflect lovingly on our life learnings to better our Spirit Living within our Being (for astrologers this is expressed through your Venus placement). 


This particular Star Point will occur at 29°♎︎ Libra, Cardinal Air, shifting us into the Evening Star wisdom of our expression of our Harmonic Voice, our Word carries Love… and of course in divine balance it also carries fear. Both Activate the Mind and its Perception, we enter a time to tend to the Word in a fair and just manner. 

Additionally, this particular Star Point at 29° Libra is quite significant as it is also shifting from Scorpio to Libra in its 8 year cycle pattern. Which I will share about in my upcoming events. 


This reminder of the invisible phase of our Venusian Star as She prepares to shift from morning star to evening star – Hesperus, is to listen IN, and feel into this powerful shift as it asks us to Become the Harmonic Change of Perception, culminating the lessons of the Heart over the past 8 months. I will share a home meditation practice with you to 


Venus has always been a strong force within me, coming through in colour visions, my Dragon Guide Lucifer -which I have written about before, through invocations when ritually colouring my hair bright pink, and through Angelic presence + Star Being communion. It was with me before I began my studies of Astrology with Andrew and Karen at The Blue Rose 8 years ago. Yet it is through my studies with the Blue Rose school that this connection has grown and refined my Heart Light with deep self innerstanding. 


I am excited to share another intimate Venus Ceremony of embodiment and guidance in the lead up to her Star Point. I will share some home practice meditations and musings on the Mythos of Venus, the cycle and symbolism of Her Light and the opportunity this Invisible Phase leading up to her Star Point provides us. Please message me to let me know if you are keen to join. 


🌟💖Friday 7 Oct 6pm-8:30pm   €30

Venus Invocation Ceremony (limited spaces) 


🌟☀️Saturday 22 Oct 7pm-8:30pm+   €30

Venus Star Point Ceremony (limited spaces) 


Both ceremonies will include a cup of heart opening cacao, astrological guidance and a home practice meditation to align with Venus within your own chart and the collective Star Point will be offered in advance of the ceremonies. The ceremony itself will be more reflective and meditative during the sunset and culminating in a fire ceremony. Both Ceremonies are held at my home studio in Vilamoura, Algarve 

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