Venus Poetry

Posted on: August 13, 2023
Copper and Mirror Art 🖼️ Rejuvenation by Jonty Hurwitz


My skin hangs heavy on the bones

Exhausted I accept my defeat

I willingly chose this path of forgiveness

Embracing the neglected aspects of myself

In reflection I learn of their sorrows of my forgetfulness

I am opened

The fire roars

Reverberating echos beat at my chest

Shattered debris falls from around the Hearth

Laying the flame bear to blaze

Fragments of the mirrored vessel fall to the ground by my feet

The warmth is intensifying

Blinding I close my eye and allow the

Stillness to consume me

Held in the Nameless and Soundless space of




part 1 of my Venusian poetic musings, inspired by her evening star fall, now consumed by the Light of Sol ☀️ before her crowing on Sunday 13th Aug. to birth our next Morning Star ⭐️

A special thanks to @andrewdhsmith and the @blueroseastrology Venus has always been my attraction to begin my studies of astrology, which has deepening my spiritual quest, and I fell madly in love with this mode of expression ❤️🙏🌹


Part 2 ♀

Pain dissolves in sweet surrender of

Letting go

Legging go of pretending

Letting go of trying

Letting go of pride

Letting go of claim

Letting go to evolve

Letting go

I know nothing but Love

Love of hope

Love heals

Unrequited perhaps

I give all that is left of me

Sparks of Wisdom of those lessons learned are shed from my hearth

Alchemised in the air as they descend to my body

I pass out into a haze of emptiness

Revived by my heart beat, I feel a

Longing to hold and love the shards of mirror that I once broke to fit in a frame

Aware that I may bleed to piece these fragments together

Imagining the new formation I can forge in the fires

I hang in witnessing

I rest in peace

Hope will revive me

But now I

Faithfully rest as

Love becomes me



Venus Musings.

Inspired by Ishtar’s decent to greet her sister, Erishkigel, and forgive herself by integrating her shadow, death and alchemy, love and rebirth.


Thank you to beautiful women who gathered for Venus Star Ceremony 🔥⭐️🌹


Part 3

I dream of dancing in the celestial fires

Feet thump the ground as we encircle the flames and dance on hot coals

My heartbeat resonating

From the ashes my shadows rises with me and integrate as we dance together

Lifted like embers that flicker and

Play around the vortex of consciousness


The river of memories spirals in the centre

It flows with grace from the abundant heart of Source above

Cascading down

I watch it anchor into my body as it rests and I float above and

Dance with embers of spirit

Laughing with deLight, crying with sorrow of the

Forgotten times of how to be pure pleasure and joy

Lost in the seriousness of life, I love, the mundane shackles fall to the fire and meld with the flames

The ecstatic spiralling dance of the flames that encircle the river of cellular memories

I feel my heart beat and I touch the cord of creation that pulses from the Cosmic Ocean and

Flows through my soul and into my body, the navel receives

The umbilical stem that delivers a thread of consciousness into a single lifetime

I feel the pulse of life beat

I remember the womb space

The cosmic ocean that births spirit into a beautiful vessel to explore the realms of senses and desire, choice and discord and resonance

The dance of spirit around it never ceases

Only I forgot how to dance and enjoy pleasure of Light and Love and Joy

Caught in the tides of time

Consumed by memories wrapped in the past and fearful of what may come in the next wave

The flames glow brighter

Light engulfs

Love beats the drum and

I open my heart and dance for fun

Is this a dream or the longing of heart consciousness calling to be lived?


Continuation of my Venusian Musings for her three days pre Inferior Conjunction with the Sun occurring 13 Aug 12:10pm Portugal/Ireland time

Inspired by the etheric meditation journey shared at ceremony yesterday.



The Crowning of Venus with Sol

Part 4


Gold bonds the cracked pieces of mirror

Together we are held in presence


Inana Rakhmaya

Eternal unconditional love and mercy pumps from the core of my being

I press my chest against the warm glass

Feeling my heart beat


The joy of this sound brings relief to my face

Life courses through my renewed body

The fires roar soothes me and

The forged vessel I embody

I pass through the veil of perception of there and now, of now and next

For now I linger in this in between place

Presence if I AM

Gathering my reflection in the mirror

Contemplating this way of courageous loving

Living in joy

Living with pleasure

Attracting grace

And radiating warmth

For now I linger in the warmth of the hearth


⭐️ Venus conjunct Sol ☀️ 12:10pm 13 Aug 2023

A new star is born – the Leo Morning Star to inspire us as a collective as she rises as Light Bringer.

Venus remains in retrograde as Morning Star Lucifer (Light Bearer) until Sept 4 2023 02:20 BST-1

Enjoy the space to contemplate and review how to honour your heart and live in accordance of your self love + worth and capacity to be a beacon of love and a living example of joy.

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