Venus Neptune in Pisces – The Prism

Posted on: April 2, 2024

Venus and Neptune Conjoin at 28° Pisces:

One of the most beautiful aspects softening the Eclipse Season. A high vibration of Love.


Today, place value on healing, rest and connecting with what Love can do. This is a powerful energy to enhance for the collective during this shifting time.

Oneness in All, the Ocean in a single Drop, there is tremendous value in a simple act of kindness. It ripples out, blooming love in others. (The same can be said for the lower more depleting vibrations of this combination- greed, jealousy, delusion, seduction, spiritual bypassing, self doubt and dependency.) You choose how to align with this energy, what to seed and what ripple you desire to see conceived and expanded in our consciousness.

The Prism” – (Sabian symbol for 28°♓︎) “Seeing God in everything.

Simultaneously looking for God and looking through God’s eyes” – reveals One Light is in the entire spectrum.

We come from one Light, we are Light witness the fractals of light split into its colourful rainbow, we evolve and learn through these faceted dimensions and alternate perspectives –  seeking unity with our Pure Essence. We desire to merge back to One Light.

Yet we are living out these amazing expressions of Life, why escape that?  To align with our Pure Light is to romance Life. To be the loving witness.

It is through a Heart that Unconditionally Accepts – the many currents and waves that ripple through time, the many tones and hues that portray the beautifully diverseness of Divinity – that becomes a living embodiment of transcendental expression.

(“Such idealistic sentiments!” Yes of course, it’s Venus and Neptune in Pisces! but let even a fraction of this beauty infiltrate your being – what have you got to loose? So much more to gain! The world needs more Love, so let it soften your heart)


Abolish shame and jealousy, absolve doubt and curb idealism from your Heart. Be mindful of these excessive portrayals that attempt to confuse and dilute you. Conceive a Romancing of Life, court acceptance, forgiveness and creative Love as a virtue worth living with.


The capacity for the collective to lean into and amplify this essence can heighten the mass reach of healing needed for the prevalent fear, pain and trauma that binds us to old ways of separation for this eclipse season.

This Venus Neptune in Pisces is Transcendent Love Reinforced.

It is the Christos-Sophia spark.

Merge with this buoyant energy.

Amplify this Love for the Collective as we seed a vision for the New Dawn in the days leading up to the Aries Solar Eclipse.


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Venus Conjunct Neptune in Pisces at 14:10 BST 3rd April 2024.


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