Venus Crowning

Posted on: June 3, 2020

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As my part in allowing Instagram to maintain the raising of awareness of educational information I am shifting all my planned content to my website this week. HERE I share free videos, articles, uplifting and healing practices for UNITY Consciousness. Join me there as we hold the vibes for a New Earth to be nurtured into existence NOW.

In this year, and more intensely this week we witness pain, suffering, chaos and confusion…. and Rebirth – let us not forget that. We are witnessing a death and a rebirth. For me this is reflective of the macrocosmic energy at play.

Venus conjuncts the Sun and is crowning or going through a rebirth TODAY 3rd June 2020. I held a class for this astrological event and I feel it is too reflective of this time not to share with you.

The message coming through from Venus and Her journey is poignant and appropriate for what we are collectively moving with.

So, I offer this class and meditation to you for free.

Video of webinar (slideshow below) and Guided Meditation


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Please share with those who may benefit from aligning with this astrological cycle.

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Venus is Heart Consciousness.
And as this energy archetype, this planetary consciousness, is transitioning we are reminded of the myth + stories that portray the moment of death and rebirth -where light and shadow meet- UNION.
Within that union is remorse, suffering, surrender, slaughter, death, blinding chaos, invisible creative force, birth, and expansive light that unites separation consciousness and enlightens perspectives.


In this moment there is a shift in the value of roles, appreciation of life’s process. Rebirth of a new consciousness to Earth and the Land of the Living. Be with this energy now. Align with this planetary shift to elevate your own journey.

Yes, we transition through Venus retrograde every 18 months, but I doubt you disagree that this year 2020, we have witnessed such global reflection of planetary cycles that perhaps learning and aligning with these messages may at the very least offer ease to your situation, educate you on a way of BEING LOVE, offer a pathway to work with your own healing journey and a way to embody and hold this energy and vision of what we as humanity can be.

Video: We are ONE body moving together through these veils of change.

Enjoy my offerings.

I desire to be part of the change to awaken with humanity and to hold this energy of Love.

Thank you

Sending you abundant Hugs and Love

With Love and Gratitude


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