The Pleiades

Posted on: May 19, 2024

Happy Sun Day!

I recorded a presentation for those attending the Pleiades Embodiment Ceremony today. And have decided to offer the online presentation to those who couldn’t attend. And just for today before the Sun moves into Gemini to align with Alcyone it is on special offer ✨

This presentation shares stories from many nations about their connection to the Pleiades Star Cluster. The Seven Sisters, the daughters of Atlas, The Navajo refer to the
dilγéhé as the first constellation of creation by the Black God, The Hathors of Egypt and the 7 chambers in the Great pyramid, nodding to Bealtaine and Samhain in Celtic celebrations, in Hindu tradition nakshatra Kṛttikā – which lends to the location of exaltation of our Moon at 3° Taurus (where at the times of codifying astrology Lunar comfort is at a high, or a yin home memory (feeling) is enjoyed – connection to mother/womb. Mother’s milk in the Milky Way 🌌

The Mother Star Alcyone is found at the centre of many ancient & more modern belief systems. The Arabic and Hebrew article Al precedes Cyon – the centre or foundation stone. Zion (Cyon) is the exhaled home of the Heavenly God referenced in the Old Testament.

Freemasons are encoded with the 33rd degree (see above mention of 3°♉︎ which is the 33rd degree of the zodiac, the MaSon (ma- Mother, son-sun/star).… so much more on that.

Fascinating how healed Mastery of this embodied experience is also the degree Chiron was discovered at that bridges through 5D unconditional love. The MaSter Bridge – Mother Star.

And Alcyone was the once declared home of God by Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Other belief systems and stories can be linked to the Mother birthing an enlightened son, (one such example Maya mother of Buddha) and the Tower Temple from which the flock of doves 🕊️ (Holy Spirit) bridges to the stars (Magdala translates to tower, Mary Magdalene)

The presentation also shares the multi-dimensional aspects and spiritual links to the Pleiades, along with some of my own channelling experiences with Pleiadian Consciousness.  How to locate it in your natal chart. And other resources, mantra, songs and book recommendations.

For those attending this evening’s embodiment we have loads more in store that I cannot wait to experience and channel with you 🩷

I just for today the online presentation it is on special offer! Share the Love 🌀✨🩵

Check it out

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