The Ladybug, the Scarab and the Crab – Solstice Musings

Posted on: June 18, 2021

Time to celebrate Summer Solstice, one of the 8 festivals of the Wheel of the Year. Known as a Quarter Seasonal festival, marking Summer (in Northern Hemisphere). It celebrates the journey of our Sun reaching its Peak of Light. Peak vibrancy. It is the longest day of the year. Triumph for the Sun ☀️

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Summer Solstice Musings

Oh Ladybug

The Beetle of Madonna

Bringer of Joy and Great Fortune

Mothering Protection lead the way of the Heart

The Awe you inspire reminds the inner child to come out

Activating the path to follow

Initiating life, an earthly and celestial being

May the tears pour out to clear the misunderstandings

Hidden under sorrowful projections

May the sacred bodily fluid that bares the wisdom of creation be once again revered

To become expressions that forge the awakened path of Light

May the Solar Pause beckon within and shine out as the beacon it is

Glorious Radiance burn the ignorance that binds the Heart

Wash the dust and ash that weighs heavy on the protective scarlet casing

Open to reveal the ease of flight like the whir of your wings


The Ladybug is a relative of the Scarab, also linking the symbolism of the Scarab that in Egyptian times was self regenerating. The Ladybug or the Beetle of Our Lady is the pure womb that birthed Krysted Light. Like the Cancer Crab – it walks along the shore line, connected to Earth and Water or Earthly and Celestial realms.


The Scarab Beetle, another representative of the Cardinal Water, Cancer Archetype – Used mainly in Egyptian astrology.⁠


The scarab represents the spiritual human – the Ascended Human. The tough shell is the physical form. Encasing and concealing within the delicate and intricate wings that shimmer in the Light taking the flight.⁠


You are an Ascended Human: to make a pun of the dung beetle – stop breeding and reproducing in manure, rolling a ball of crap around. Allow your tough exterior to part, express your Light and spread your wings. Witness this transformation to your structure taking place. Rise up. Be resurrected and use the fertile New Earth to procreate from.⁠


The Scarab is also symbolic of the limbic system in our brain, linking to our emotions, learning behaviours, motivation and long-term memory. And the shell of the beetle has a similar pattern to that found on the top of our skull. Which is a beautiful resemblance to the Spirit (wings) emerging from the Crown (top of the head) when the form parts to ascend.

Cancer – Emotional Memory Healing

Sit with a little vessel of water (sea water/ add sea salt), a crystal, a candle. Breathe Deeply. Take each item in your hands and breathe with it. Feel it tune in. ⁠

Recite: ⁠

“Thank you for my emotional guidance. It has served me well. With the Energy of Cardinal Water, I cleanse, heal and unconditionally Love my emotional responses, my learning behaviours and my guiding memories. I return Home. I remember. NOW. Thank you (x 3)”.

Please embellish as you feel necessary. ⁠

This festival celebrates and honours the fulfilment and illumination of your consciousness of this year, and how much you have grown since this year’s wheel began turning back at Samhain and Winter Solstice.


Symbolic reference: ? the flowers are in full bloom and the seeds you planted in the darkness of the soil (winter) have achieved full blossom. Time to rejoice at this cycle of life!


Aka Litha, The goddess of midsummer. The celebration of the fertile land and warmth of the Sun. Rejoice the height of their reign together bringing joy to Earth.

Also recognised as the celebration of the Oak King, whereas the Holly King reigns in winter.


It marks the movement of the Sun into the zodiac sign of Cancer 0°  ♋︎ Cardinal Water ♋️


Feel into what you want to do mark the occasion and express your radiant Being-ness. Look how far you have come, feel those feelings, let yourself celebrate ?

Don’t feed into pity and play the martyr, give your cells the chance to feel joy and your appreciation of their existence within you!



Cancer Season: Initiating Heart . Emotional Expression

Cardinal = outward, yang, action.

Water = emotional, intuitive, feelings.

Sun moves into 0° Cancer

21st June 2021 04:33 BST


When the Sun is in Cancer we get a chance to absorb the radiance + vitality through the lens of Cardinal Water. Our emotional expression + feeling based action is heightened. We are prompted to live in alignment with our cellular intuition. Be a living expression of what you intuitively feel. Not what you think you feel or think you ‘should’ feel ?drop into your body, it knows!


It is a time of action, action based on your feelings. It is not just ‘sad’ or typically labelled negative / overly sensitive emotions that are expressed. No, every emotion becomes louder and we express a desire to do something about that feeling. What is your gut intuition telling you?


?Your cellular DNA is what is activated and illuminated now. The Water ♋︎ that holds your life’s expression is being enlightened! Recognise that – celebrate it!


Clear the waters and clarify your purpose from this new standpoint of rejoice.

Open to external expression of your feelings – all feelings ?????☺️?? how do those feelings want to be expressed.

Emotions are just guidance from your intelligent cellular composition. Stop blocking your own expression, detangle the emotional net that you cast out and draw in. Feel it and take action on it.


Cancer rules the stomach and chest. And is ruled by the Moon. It is a nurturing, compassionate + supportive archetype. Radiating empathy, can be occasionally moody as this energy navigates the dance along the shoreline of bringing feelings in and out to engage with reality. The tough exterior perception is often a protection mechanism for the soft interior.

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