The Final Window of 2020

Posted on: December 10, 2020

We are entering the final window of 2020, a potent time with strong earth and planetary alignments. 

The most significant is the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, coined by Andrew Smith the start if the ”Great Year”. This alignment hasn’t happened in Aquarius since 1405 and begins a new cycle for our collective reality to reach higher planes of bountiful wisdom. 

This planetary union is an opportunity for you to plant a seed of a new reality that you co-create with your higher self. As this alchemical portal of opportunity is open now, it would be an ideal time to create a practice leading up to Solstice. 


Some suggestions: 

  • Nourish: Clean up your nutritional intake, hydrate – drink charged water and bless your teas and food.
  • Rest: nap and be well rested.
  • Meditate: with a crystal / crystal grid, open a space to commune with your Higher Self, do conscious breathing, 
  • Visualise, Intend & Record:: dream programming with trataka (candle gazing) set your intentions before drifting off to sleep. Dream journaling, ground your visions by recording them, no matter how abstract. Or write out your intentions for this new era (both personal, familial, local community and global wishes) place them by a candle that you light often – the light of the candle will radiate with your intentions. 
  • Move your body: dance, stretch, shake it out! With a large amount of Solar energy due to impact our Light bodies (perhaps you have already been feeling this) moving your body can help to acclimatise and anchor these light codes into through to the physical.
  • Treat yo’self! Bath salts soak, ask for a shoulder rub, belt out your favourite song in the car for a few mins, or walk in nature and hug a tree…. do what you love to ground and appreciate this changing world we are moving through.
  • Be Kind: to yourself and to others, this shift will impact us all differently. Compassion will alleviate lower vibes that can drag you down.

Powerful Dates

  • 12th Dec High Frequency Numerology Date
  • 14th Dec 4:24pm UT Solar Eclipse, New Moon in Sagittarius
  • 18th Dec 12:33pm UT Sun conjuncts Galactic Centre of Milky Way (27°3′ of Sagittarius)
  • 21 Dec 10:03am UT Winter Solstice. Sun into Capricorn
  • 21 Dec 6:04pm UT Saturn + Jupiter Conjunct – “Star of Bethlehem”

12:12 High Frequency Numerology Date

Considered to link to the Mayan and back to the Atlantis Era. On the 12:12 portal you can invite in your past life memories from Atlantis or call upon your guides from this dimension to guide you today to be the anchor of this new energy that will form the Golden Era. Alternatively or simultaneously you can also work with the Angels – ArchAngel Michael and ArchAngel Metatron can clear old patterns and clarify new pathways. ArchAngel Gabriel and ArchAngel Raphael can heal and soothe this transition of elevated energy. There are multiple Angels that can be called upon, use your own guides and intuition to assist you. Have trust and faith in yourself. 

14:12  Solar Eclipse New Moon

As the we align with the Sun and the Moon on the Sagittarius New Moon, we can experience a final reset to prepare us for the 21st December. This entire year, known as the “Great Reset Year” has offered us multiple opportunities and challenges to strip away the layers of old to reveal the inner power of our deepest wisdom.

Have we alchemised during this year? What have we surrendered to? What seeds have we planted to reform and found a life that is in greater attunement to our Heart, our Higher Self and our Great Spirit.

Your Body is a sacred vessel anchoring your energy to Earth, not one person is apart from this Divine Journey. The Chi, Vital Life Force that we each hold within is rising to be reclaimed, utilised and manifested into reality. This New Moon Solar Eclipse mark this opportunity and reset your priorities. Mediate, light a candle, move your body. Invite in joy and openness to guide you.

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21:12 Solstice

The Sun moves into Capricorn in the morning marking the triumph of the Light/Sun(Son) Reborn from the depth of the dark womb time. This sacred festival celebrates the moment our Sun stands still and the becomes brighter leading us out of the rest of winter and on through the year. Symbolically we can use this time to mark the emergence of our deep wisdom becoming manifest and incarnate into a new year/ a new way of being. Crystos – Crystalline Being. Anchoring the Crystalline energies into body beginning a new era. Learn more at my upcoming events.

This festival is well known as today’s Christmas – the birth of the Son of Light…. What makes this date every more fascinating is the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, joining at 0° the beginning of Fixed Air. These two planets will look like a massive bright star in our nights sky. Look to the west after sunset to see them close in on their union.

This ‘bright star’ is noted at the Star of Bethlehem. Which is why this date is particularly interesting – On the Winter Solstice, when the Sun is Reborn, the Star of Bethlehem is aligning that evening. This is not about a specific religious reference, but marking how from this play of our skies contributed to the stories that were formed to describe our times gone by.

The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius begins the “Great Year”. We – collectively, are moving into a new epoch, the dawning of the next Golden Era. I highly recommend reading my teacher Andrew  Smith’s article The Great Year: to learn about how these waves have presented before in previous eras.

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