The Divine Mother

Posted on: October 16, 2023

Libra Aries Axis – Lunar Nodes + Eclipse Musings

Including, the surfacing memories and guidance from an embodiment experience of The Madonna 4 years ago. 

May these shared personal encounters be stories that colour your perception and offer keys to unlock and open doors along the path of awakening consciousness. 


Written 12th October 2023

The sadness and grief bubbling and seeping through the cracks is undeniable. Words are pointless. Yet we must keep breathing. Breathing the dawning expression to Light. 

The breaking happened some time ago. The most recent split that ripped the final threads apart are still being held in hope of repairing. 

The lost connections, misunderstandings, inability to find neutrality and live with relative ease. It hurts. It saddens. What is this world? 

No escaping the pain and suffering. 

Questions of why and how circle. 

The answers never justify. 

So letting go of curiosity and just feeling it. 

Being with rage and sorrow. Open Wounds. 

That’s when connection comes. Only love can heal this. The love of redemption. These are the eyes that will see you through the confusion, division and distractions. 

Evolution of humanity, of our human spirit is desperate for regeneration as a collective. 

Each attack on the psyche, by ourselves and our inner speak, and by external social and cultural influences, each peels back veils of separation. You see it all. 

We as a people are not separated, even if all living in alternate realities and experiences and perceptions, we collectively feel life unfold in all fractals. Our words separate us. Our perception needs healing love. 

Therefore, our compassion and kindness is needed now, in our individual lives as we hold the soft vulnerability of rebirth. The time for holding grief is upon us. A letting go of ways that are not serving humanity. Making space for the arrival of ways that lift hearts and rejoice in Creation’s expressions of through each self. 

As we heal the rift we carry as a collective, we heal the deepest parts of ourselves we have neglected and suppressed. The parts of our lives we have subjected to criticism and slander. The parts we have judged and withheld love and creativity. 

The skins shed.

The veils of separation thin.

With love in your eyes. 

Seek the revealing of the new dawning expression. The threads are there, it’s woven in our blueprint, in light form it has always been there beneath the surface of projections filled with pretence and charades. 

Be with grief. Be with it through love. 

Love fosters growth. 

The Comfort and Courage prompted from The Mother.

Mater Dolorosa was one of the names that was shared with me 4 years ago when I experienced a 10 day embodiment of energy, the Mother, during the time of Navaratri (the festival of worship to Durga – I only learned of this festival after the experience and in my reflection to learn from this time). Now we are again in the 9 day festival of Naravartri so it is important for me to honour and re tell Her message to offer solace and guidance  

I have been calling on Her presence since the lead up to the Eclipse (14th Oct 2023) calling for strength and The Mother of Sorrows (Mater Dolorosa) has answered and been prominent during this time. 

In Sept 2019, I had no idea what was going to happen that day, a mentor had suggested I “discipline my channel” and ask more specific questions to these other beings that had come through a few weeks prior during a sound ceremony training. (Story included below) 

When I called them in – the Masters of the Time, the Architects of the Ages – they briefly spoke then parted and let Her come through. For the first time I was communing with an energy that was within me. Since I was young I was always aware of Angels and Beings of Light and colour sharing guidance or impressions with me “outside” of my living experience, like a background commentary. For this embodiment, I had no clairvoyant impression to direct my questions so I continued to let this energy reside in me and diligently asked my questions. 

The first question was “who are you? What is your name?” 

And the words I wrote caused huge tears to flow down my cheeks. 

“I am the embodiment of Creation. Ma Donna, Divine Mother, The Mother of Creation, Maa Durga…” and Dolorosa (though at the time this was not a name nor word I knew of so I wrote something like Lola (Lolan) and tried to reign back my rational mind from the flow of energy.) 

Then proceeded with my other questions and enjoyed the energy for about 10 days until it became increasingly harder to be present with my then 3 year old son and mundane life. (This story is fully retold in the collection of experiences)

Even though I loved and learned, denied and resisted this energy for many years. It is a comfort to know it is there, it is here, and what we are walking through is for us now. 

Her message:

“I am here to walk with you through the veils of change. This creation has already been designed and written. That is why I am here now. To embody physicality, to witness and experience the unfolding of creation.”

“Do not fear. It is already here”

This energy is walking in All beings. In All Humanity. 

….following this previous story about the embodiment of the Mother.

(4 years ago Sept 2019 - Uranus Conjunct my natal Sun 3º Taurus, Chiron Conjunct my Cardinal Fire Venus + Mercury) 

During that sound ceremony training two weeks prior to this (the experience that mainly led to my mentor prompting me to ask their purpose) was a blindfolded sound ceremony with the group. It was centred on the sound of pain. And it was the witnessing of pain but not becoming it that made the biggest shift. This eclipse reminds me of these times so vividly, as the body has to let go, so the Great Heart can heal it with Love through you. 

At first, we were invited to make a sound. Any sound. Which for me is debilitating. Hence, I was at a training to activate this. Still working on it. It’s getting better. 

Anyway, after the group’s various general outpours of sound we were encouraged to release the sound of pain. As we are blindfolded this intensified the senses. 

With my synaesthesia a sound produces an image. Many sounds and my inner world is as colourful as my waking. But in this case paired with empathy of hearing the sounds and the visuals that played in my mind’s eye were too much. The sounds were not of my peers in the room, it became sounds of nations, collective pain. 

I wanted to run out of the dojo and make it stop as I was beginning to feel it in my own body. I ended up backed at the door almost frozen in tension. Feeling masses of people in agony and suffering. I fell to the floor finally letting out my own cry of sound. Heaving and sobbing I was lost in another space. My body convulsed to clear the trauma I was feeling. 

Simultaneously, I was out of my body. Not in the dojo. Not hearing the sounds around me. 

Rocks and debris swirling around me. Like a stormy tornado. Echoes of guides calling out to hold it. 

It was dusty and barren. Eyes everywhere. (I often see many eyes in most visions) but these were gathering and forming in a central column, vortex, or stone tower. And echoing to me to hold it together. 

To witness the pain. Feel it but not be it. 

To let my vessel become but windows for the eyes to witness. 

Somehow this gave me strength and began standing back up in the dojo. Immense sensation of feeling all yet not actually carrying it in my own physical body, I felt expanded. I felt like I could lift off the ground yet so grounded. In my visual experience, a spiralling tower formed and the eye’s watched through the tower’s windows. 

The ceremony ended shortly after that and I am pretty sure I bolted for space alone. No sound. No people. I got to the retreat centre’s helipad and sat to journal the experience. That’s when these beings came forward (in my vision) and walked me up the spiral stairs and exchanged words “daughter of Light, soon it is coming” 

What I learned from that was, it’s ok to feel pain, empathy, compassion, but don’t let it take over your body. Your body is needed to hold Light, Spirit. 

Now for most, and most empaths particularly, this is easier in theory than in practice. But when the time is needed, in a storm, remember to find your centre, ground and expand and let the Great Heart do the healing through you. 


Enjoy this Playlist “Songs of Peace / Eclipse” I made for this time to align with the Libran energy craving Peace and Harmony. 


Astrology: this week 

Venus → Virgo, 

Chiron opposite Sun and Mercury

Pluto goes Direct, square the nodes, Mars and Sun 

Mars → Scorpio, 

The Solar Eclipse 21º Libra  – Sun, Moon and South Node in Libra


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