Sun Neptune in Pisces Conjunction 2024

Posted on: March 17, 2024

She sails the seas aboard her crescent-moon shaped boat. Rainbow auroras guide her through the indigo starlit sky on the fringe of the abyss. Learning new dialects along the way, these radiant voices have become the cherished winds that whisper and fly overhead, colouring the horizon, lending eyes to see anew. She is navigating her way home following the Polestar.

When storms ensue, she connects her sailor instincts, bridging the winds and the underwater currents, tousled yet remaining afloat in her little vessel. While jumping overboard, abandoning ship was too oft an appealing option. Struggling to keep her head above water floundering for answers, she has learned to find solace from the hidden tides pulling her. Taking moments to dive in + merge between the waters that surround her. Listening to the great heartbeat illuminating a way forward.

With the shimmering light that glimmers onto the sandy ocean floor. There she finds the throb of the Mother’s Heart. A soothing pulse that anchors the little crescent-moon boat when navigating the choppy seas. This pulse forms patterns with the infinite grains of crystalline sand that chime in resonance to the chaotic order of her heart ticking a rhythmic beat. Without the myopic pressures of time this is the most symphonic arrangement of Pure Creation. 

The Mother holds the umbilical cords tethered to the many sailors birthed into the vast Oceans of Time. You are held in your space, for you to voyage + connect through the rippling memories floating through Creation. 

When we remember the waters are above and below, within and around us, we can hear the Soul navigating us on the Great Voyage o’er the UniVersal Melodic Seas. Rainbow Symphonies.

~ Poetic musings inspired by the Sun Neptune Conjunction. And heavily moved by the Gemini Moon Conjoined my natal 12th House Moon, Chiron, Ceres, and ♈︎ Mercury conjoined my natal Mercury ☌ Venus. 

I see you, fellow sailor at sea, fellow drop in the Ocean, and radiant hue sparkling. Thank you for seeing me.  As the tempo increases, know that your faith + commitment to your Loving Light has a profound impact on how the sounds land on your perceiving ears as the veils of time are shifting. 

Sail into choppy waters bolstered by your Heart bound infinitely to Love ♾️❤️♾️

Have a blessed weekend 


Love Danielle 


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