Sun Mars Combust

Posted on: November 27, 2023

Sun and Mars conjoin in the final degrees of Scorpio 18 Nov 2023

What force are you hiding from?

What circuit is demanding your action?

How can you blaze and soar like a Phoenix, seeding a new vital blast of transformative evolution?


Our Sol Star radiates its Golden Portal of Consciousness. In it, we are of the dance of skirting planets around our Star.  We embody on Earth and opposing us now is Mars. On the far side of our Fiery ☉ Star, the Planet of Action and Evolution is calling for Rebirth. How will we manifest this?


Archetypically, Mars can offer us expressions of rage, passion, raw grit and initiation towards a strive or advancement. It can be minimised to hatred, war and aggression. It can be expanded to protection, courage, assertion and manifestation.

In Mars, we find our consciousness’s path to move with and through the embodiment process as spiritual and sexual beings. The connection to these weaving forces living in us. 

From our perspective on Earth, Mars merges with Sun, engulfed in Golden Plumes of Sol, it may exacerbate the argumentative fury and power hungry villain in our consciousness. Our consciousness consumes the Mars spirit we carry at this time, this synod of Sun and Mars, also offers a revitalisation for Mars. When released from Combustion (Mars conjunction with Sun) Rebirthed for our Embodied perception to work with. 

So, are we not in a point in reformation, has our old system not already fallen and a new dream is beginning to form in our amnesiac state. (Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction 2020 , Saturn Neptune Aries conjunction 2026) 

Are we not awakening and this new Air Cycle delivering us a heightened perspective to soar above the chaos and glide with foresight over the smoke? (combustion) (Jupiter Saturn Aquarius conjunction 2020) 

In mythology, Mars holds the moniker ‘Spirit of Battle’ but also the ‘Protector of Land’ title, let us not forget the Protector of Land (embodiment) champion that we can become once again. 

A battle ensues only if an attack is presented or presumed. The Battle of Perception is a long standing one, and Mars has been sullied and demonised, even diminished to its use for futile egoism. 

→ Our Consciousness is rapidly becoming a new dynamic, a forgotten strength that we abused and sold for false glory. The battle for consciousness is reaching an intensified peak. 


With this new Seeding Point in Alchemical Fixed Water ♏︎, perhaps this Combustion of Mars can offer us a new perspective of our Might and Will. And we can (with Ceres in the conjunction) hold Mars in an evolving space to rise beyond the villain character. 


The Spiritual Warrior is a powerful presence, you know it, when felt from the depth of your intuitive nature, stop denying it. Our evolving consciousness in an embodied experience calling for protection – there is the focus of you need one, and there is where our assertion is most wanted individually and collectively. 


There is no aggression required to mask the fear, no shame for the anger fronting the passion, no guilt diluting the desire of climactic resolution. Let it blaze, combust and evolve! 


As Sol and Mars merge in Scorpio, let this tantric (Sanskrit: woven together) vitality uncoil from your primal base, rise in splendour – feel it in our waters, awakening in our consciousness – An awareness of the intertwined spirituality and sexuality that we embody. A colourful emblazoned Phoenix worthy of acclaim! 🔥


The power of authentic valiance towards conscious evolution is waiting for you,  activate into this force of being from within, soaring with the depth of your potentiality. 


Now is a good time to seed this energy. 



~ Combust Mars makes aspects Conjunct Ceres, Square Saturn, Trine Neptune and Sextile Pluto 18 Nov 2023. 


(And written with passion as this activates ☌ my most challenging natal aspect, exciting my Saturn opp 12th House Mars ♉︎ conjuct Chariklo + Algol) 

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