Spring Equinox 2024

Posted on: March 20, 2024

Spring Equinox Blessings 


As we birth through to a new year, acknowledge the Light You Are. 


Cross the Zero Point Threshold, resurrecting your pure spark, authenticity, charging forward through the pillars of Equal Light + Equal Dark, recode your consciousness, uncoil and rise from base to crown. 


See your Truth in all you do, be joy in all you meet, and love simply as we bring a new Dawn to Life! 

0° ♈︎ Aries 20th March 2021 03:07am 


Thank you to all the gorgeous hearts that gathered this evening @Haven, yesterday online and Saturday, as we have been celebrating and sitting in circle to amplify this energy together.

(Watch the Spring Eclipse 2024 Webinar) 

Imagery and guidance from this evening’s Spring Equinox ceremony – now is a time to call in your Light, bridge the chaos and order to lead us to a new transcendence for the Heart to Express its Love, its Peace and Joy with one another. 


Namaste 🙏 truly.
The Light in my heart bows in reverence to the Light I see in you. Thank you for illuminating me with your presence. 


You are not alone, or separate, you are not abandoned or forgotten. You are intrinsically bound to one another spanning time and space. The frequency you carry, and ignite in yourself is infectious, inspiring and uplifting another to continue radiating, to pass on the good deed and simple gesture of love to another.

Witness the simplicity of that.




When the Lights go out and Sound deafens the senses. You are called to birth. You are the Light that illuminates. Spark Life into Being, emit a frequency that harmonically influences a resonance around you. 


At this Equinox you face this choice. What are you birthing? 

Who are you? 


The Wheel Turns – Ostara: This is the Festival of Fertility, Renewal & Balance  


A potent Equinox Portal, with Eclipse Season upon us.  Divine Creation, Chaos and Order is echoing out across its fractals of creation.

A trigger point to prompt us to find harmony, when trauma, shame, fear and lies condition ignorance. Lift our heads above the red case of forgetting, where blinding rage and impulsive entitlement stalled evolution/ or merely created a greater fusion to propel radical awakening. 


Now, this equilibrium calls us to return to a time of pure love and presence of mind. 


We are just fractals away from Origin. Repeating a myriad of cycles that spiral out seeking expansion of consciousness. Relinquish the outdated false scripts, create a new story. Renew Consciousness. 

Spring Equinox Blessings

May Love and Peace be with you 




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