Posted on: November 27, 2023

And the Great Wheel Turns 

Cross Quarter Festivals of Light – Samhain 

Astrologically, when the Sun is at 15°♏︎, the peak point, midpoint of the 0°♎︎ Equinox and 0°♑︎ Solstice lands this year : 7th Nov 2023


At 15°♏︎ the veil between dimensions is thin, honour your ancestors and those gone before us. Honour the past versions of you, the skins you have shed that have held you up to this point. Honour the future evolution of your cells that are yet to be born. Honour this powerful portal of death and rebirth. Metamorphosis is our superpower. 

Connect to the elements, the teeming life-conscious in earth, air and fire and, particularly this ♏︎ season, in water. Water is life. 


Become aware of the undercurrents, the way of intuitive connectivity, the soulful re-membering that is enlightening now. 


This bridging of the In-Between is most strongly felt at these times of year (Samhain, Imbolg, Bealtaine and Lughnasadh- equally the Eclipses are an “in-between” time. Honour your capacity to carry your oceanic oneness into the power of your individual droplet of consciousness. You can alchemise, transmute and shape-shift through the power of your consciousness- feeling, memory, E-motion, fluid grace in all things infinitely connecting all. 


Perhaps the mind and body choose to hold the limited perspective, perhaps the frozen and stagnant emotional states are not ready to thaw and purify to its holy state – there is wisdom and learning in all paths of expression. 


This prolonged state of “in-between” is powerful. So lean into this reverence of all you are capable of. Surrender to your vulnerability, these days leading up to Astrological Samhain are considered the death portal. Let it go. With respect, fully give it to Kali, let it be transmuted in the eternal flames and alchemised to be reborn from the womb of Imma Illah, the Cosmic Mother’s Waters. The seeds you sow in these fertile in between spaces are fostered and rebirthed to be loved and nurtured through the Dark half of the Year, and will be the fuel that grows you into the Dawn of the Light in Spring and carries you to Liberate your Heart when Consciousness reaches a point of ascension at Summer. 



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