Remember the Voice of Peace

Posted on: March 24, 2024

Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

5°♎︎ Libra Cardinal Air

March 25th 07:01 am UT

Eclipse Blessings 🙏


Thank you to those who have supported my offerings and enjoyed the Eclipse Webinar so far. If you would like to avail of this 2hr class plus 30 min meditation here is the link



There, I have shared in greater detail on the opportunity to awaken this eclipse season. Particularly given the conjunctions playing out by the planetary rulers of the Aries Libra axis, Venus and Mars.


In summary, be come a witness of your governing thoughts, be mindful of your words, grace each moment with gratitude and offer your harmonic resonance – intention, prayer, song, mantra – as a frequency to elevate the reality you engage with. Be vigilant of your energy. (check where 5°♎︎ is on your chart) Be mindful and compassionate with others.

March 25th 07:01 am UT the Moon will be below the horizon in Portugal. In the hours preceding the exact time of the eclipse, and weather dependent, you might see a darkening shadow cast partially on the edge of the Moon before it sets between 4:53am 6:36am. This eclipse is best seen in The Americas.


See it or not, this is a powerful moment to cull the outdated perception and governing voice you choose to relate with. (Your inner narratives, what you speak about with your nearest and dearest/family, and what you engage with on a broader scale)


Clear the scripts that harbour shadows in your psyche, use any agitation to spark in your heart a more aligned Dialogue to awaken Grace, Peace and Harmony in your relationship with what you see in the world.


When the collective scales are in need of a balancing be the Light that lifts the Heart.


Look in the mirror, through the looking glass, look into the eyes of others, see yourself in all, your capacity to love your reflection, your reflected view is the opportunity to empower your Heart. Use a momentary occulting of the Light, a glitch in the system the become the loving witness.

As the days between the eclipses unfold, there are wonderful points of conception for you to resonate with the harmonic frequency that can  transcend polarity (or loose your heart in the illusion that collectively overwhelms into amnesia and confusion) . With Mercury in Retrograde from the 1st April the task is to go within your creative mind, to listen to/ witness what you have chosen to express in this reality, can you neutralise reactions and allow your mind to re-envision. To pray 🙏


Remain vigilant yet open during the Eclipse Season, let things come and go, no attachment. Do not forget you are the Light that Illuminates, and see that in all you greet.


Open to align Spirit with its Dawning Destiny ☉☊♈︎.



Above all else,

May Peace Prevail,

May the Wisdom of the Heart guide you in all ways, always.

Namaste 🙏



🌕*Lunar Eclipse Aspects:*🌕

180° Opp Sun 0°00’ S

135º Sqq  Ura 0°20′ A

120º Tri  Plu 3°22′ S

180º Opp Nep 7°28′ S



✨*Dates/Aspects occurring during Eclipse Season*✨

21/3 Venus Saturn Conjunction 12º Pisces 🤍🧬

22/3 Mars Ingress to 0º Pisces

25/3 Full Moon Eclipse 5º Libra (South Node)🌕

1/4 Mercury Stations Retrograde 27º Aries 🙏

3/4 Venus Neptune Conjunction 28º Pisces 🤍Transcended Heart

5/4 Sun North Node Conjunction 15º Aries⛩️

5/4 Venus Ingress to 0º Aries

7/4 Venus Moon Gate 3°🌙

8/4 New Moon Solar Eclipse 19º Aries (North Node) 🌑

8/4 Sun Chiron Conjunction 19º Aries 🗝️🌈

10/4 Mars Saturn Conjunction 14º Pisces 🔨⏳/🛡️🧬 (break the delusion, protect the remembering codes)

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