Primordial Love

Posted on: April 19, 2024

Primordial Love

Jupiter Uranus Conjunction at 21º Taurus 

21st April 2024 03:26 am BST Loulé /Dublin/ London


Crack Open & Rise

Expand & Awaken

Shocking Joy 

Tantalising Beginnings 

Liberating Hope – the Conception of what’s to come. 



  • 21º Taurus: Sabian Symbol – White Dove Over Troubled Waters
  • Fixed Earth: Taurus
  • Jupiter: Abundant Growth
  • Uranus: Radical Mind
  • Botein: Delta Arietis Fixed Star
  • Tying it together with astrology aspects, personal musings, meditative imagery, myth and archetype frequency. 




21º Taurus: Sabian Symbol – White Dove Over Troubled Waters

READING SIGNS: Nature will always produce some symbolic expression of the currently important message for those who can read the signs

“Reading the mysterious symbols in Nature”

“By contrast to books, there are sometimes signs. These arise out of larger life rhythms and are more indicative of the greater picture, the cultural vibration as contrasted to the individual; so we are better advised to seek guidance from the signs all around us than simply consulting our own wisdom.” by James Burgess


Wisdom, Guidance, Expanded Mind is not necessarily a person, but rather a tone found in synchronicities, coincides, a strange and awesome connection of the fabric of nature and reality noticed that you are woven into. Trust. Faith. Awakening. Optimism. Movement towards Spirit. 


Fixed Earth: Taurus

The Yin Somatic State. The Body, Vessel, The Physical Container. Embodiment. Physical Senses, Sensual, Practical, Tangible, Tactile. Comfort, Luxury, Values, Worth, Attachment. Strength, Determination, Stubborn, Immovable, Weight, Density, Holding, Patience, Slow, Steady. The Mother, The Builder, The Body, The Farmer, The Sustainer, The Shopper, The Banker. The Sensualist. 

Ruled by Venus: Spirit Embodied, Love Manifested. Value of Life Contained in the Form and the Beauty of Relating with the surrounding space, Physical Relationships. 


Jupiter: Abundant Growth

Expansion, Faith, Beliefs, Hope, Adventure, Quest, Intellect, Higher Learning, Truth, Wisdom, Encouragement, Enthusiasm, Indulgence, Abundance, Generosity, Prosperity, Luck, Protection. GodHead, Roman Sky God, Lightning Bolt, Eagle, Oak Tree. (Jove + Zeus)

Cycle Length 12 Years 

In Taurus 16 May 2023- 26 May 2024


Uranus: Radical Mind

Excitement, Strange, Shock, Groundbreaking, Breakdown-Breakthrough, Eclectic, Innovative, Genius, Intellect, Higher Mind, Unusual, Liberation, Rebellion, Freedom, Independence, Collective Mind, HueManity, Akashic Time, Awakening, Frequency, Electric Current, Originality. Primordial Deity, Prometheus, Heavenly/Sky God. Lightning Bolt, Aether. (Ouranos + Anu) 

Cycle Length 84 Years 

In Taurus 15 May 2018- 25 April 2026


Jupiter and Uranus conjoin every 14 years. 

The last time Jupiter and Uranus were conjoined in Taurus was May 1941


Botein: Delta Arietis Fixed Star

Inspired by Andrew Smith’s Webinar “Opening New Horizons” on the topic of the Conjunction. He shared that Jupiter and Uranus will conjoin with Botein: Delta Arietis Fixed Star. Andrew illuminated us in his webinar about this fixed star that carries a Shakti Liberation quality to it. Botein “Holds a Space for the Renewal of Chthonic Life Force”. 


Uniting the trio together in Taurus: 

A cracking open and a sweet release of a Kundalini essence that liberates through the Body and unleashes a Somatic Awakening to the Primordial Force of Life. Be the Loving Witness of Simple Pleasures in the Momentary Perception of Evolution. 


In isolation the Jupiter Uranus Conjunction is making flowing 120º Trine aspects with Ceres and Black Moon Lilith. Opportunity to be held by the Primordial Feminine and Sustaining Mother Archetypes, as Doulas and Midwives to this Conception and Birthing Point of a Renewed Existence. 

And while not a strong aspect, the 32°43’ Undecile Aspect to Venus Conjunct Chiron in Aries just off the Solar Eclipse Point from last week, offers an instinctive guidance, a prompt to follow the Heart to Mastery. 


The imagery I have been imbued with as this pair transits my 12th House, is all-encompassing the additional energy of these few weeks : Eclipse Season, Aries Mercury in Retrograde, the many planetary conjunctions (like ♀☌♆ + ♁☌♄), the Venus Chiron Conjunction hours after Jupiter + Uranus, and the upcoming Venus Star Point in Gemini in June. 


Meditative Imagery:

Wormhole (Sinkhole, Whirlpool): Drawn into the Belly of the Earth, into the Womb of Gaia. Agartha gathers the Goddesses and Deities to encircle you, like doulas encouraging and sustaining you through the portal of death and rebirth. 

Ecstatic Sensation uplifts you, as the Golden Magma uncoils and consumes through your Presence of Being and Reaches the Iridescent Inky Firmament that provides revelation and awe. Realisation Illuminates your Channel, aligning Hearts with the frequency of Infinite and Unconditional Love. 


The Myth Melting Pot: 

Heaven comes to Earth, Ouranos and Gaia, to witness the bountiful lineage that they seeded. Primordial Forces Unite and consummate with Joy and Abundance (Jove). Primordial Love.  Restoring Faith in the Somatic Experience to bring to Fruition the Transcendent Heart that anchors from beyond the Akashic Planes. 


Planetary Archetype Visions:

A  lightning bolt strikes a mound of fertile land, revealing the marvellous inner structures of primordial wisdom and sustenance, that houses many ancient and future generations. 


Gene codes reactivate from slumber. 


The human form remembers to value its own inbuilt technology. We are a collective of superior co-creative frequencies. The Spirit Embodied Being that you are is honed and ready to neutralise the nervous responses to a shock awakening, the Heart is in the driving seat. 


Observe any swing into too much intellect or too much physicality. Let these polarities form a tension that you choose to harmonise with your perception and frequency resonance.

Hold a space for through you a birthing of a new unknown reality. Then trust the Heart that leads you to cross the Threshold, a Rainbow Bridge to Healed Mastery of Love.


To Love the Higher Mind enough to Give it a Vessel to Manifest its Heart’s Desires

To Love the Body enough to Sustain, Grow and Experiment in Creating the Physical Experience.

To Love the Heart enough to remain the Loving Witness. Simple Pleasures in the Momentary Perception of Evolution. 


No longer lost, nor in slumber, the Veils are lifted and Expansion of Primordial Body and Mind usher forth the Dawning Era for HueManity. (Light Spectrum Manifested)



Thank you for reading my musings on this topic. Inspired by the astrology of these times, lucid dream experiences and meditative exploration. A huge and heartfelt thank you to my teacher Andrew Smith at the BlueRose for his guidance and inspiration as always. 


Hugs and Love


Danielle Donnelly Smyth


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