Light Language

Posted on: July 5, 2023

Light Language is Divine communication. It is communion of the Soul harmonics calling to be expressed during this expansion of consciousness unfolding. 


Each individual is capable of expressing Light Language: verbally spoken or sung, through movement and visual symbolism like writing or art. When sounding it, it can sometimes sound melodic and celestial, sometimes it can be harsh and brash in sounds. Light Language is not trying to conform to a societal ideal or perception of “heavenly” language. It is the most primal form of communication. It is tuning within and listening to a unique flow of energy and allowing it to come through you unfiltered.


Volume, tempo and scale often oscillate opening up to cooing, toning, trilling, chanting, tongue clicks, teeth clacks, guttural or mouth vacuum echos, droning or high pitched tinkling of the voice are some of the many ways sounds can be channelled through you. That often goes with intuitive hand movements, symbol air drawing or directional signals as you feel the energy coursing around you. 


This is a primal connection between the dimensional realms, understood from a space within, that crosses the lines of mental comprehension, and speaks to our pure essence. It goes beyond time lines and hierarchical limitations.

Though it may sound peculiar to some, look bizarre or trigger fear as it does not conform to your conditioned mind’s known way of ‘reading’, it can be the most soothing and affirming experience to listen with your Heart, to ‘innerstand’ beyond the mind, to feel communion with parts of yourself that you had forgotten or had lost hope of reaching. 


As a balm to soothe a collective trauma of separation, this universal heart language bridges that gap back to a common Mother Tongue. A profoundly healing telepathic resonance that dissolves beyond the mind and ego, breaking scripts that hold you in outdated expressions. Receiving or forming Light Language tones and sounds, amplifies the role of sound in the healing field. This empathy heals the sense of separation and misunderstanding. A connection is made that reminds you of your birth right of instinct and intuition, you belong in this web of consciousness, a simple purpose of connection to all things. Light Language offers this. It invites you to commune, empathise, relate and connect deeper to the coding (energy signatures) that unites us as a vast + varied collective consciousness. 


Light language is not a performance, it is an instinctual response when opening to Heart resonance.  You are continuously intuiting codes, patterns, sounds, colours or sensations around you, filtered via your extra sensory perception, your Aura and your Supraconsciousness (beyond conscious, rational or logical awareness). This happens with or without your awareness. It is an intrinsic part of your response to the world around you and your perceptions within. Despite parts of collective culture dismissing it as impractical or nonsensical, it is inherent for humanity’s evolution, as it will assist the dissolution of linear and materialistic attachment and make way for the Nada Brahma to be remembered, a transcendent sound when consciousness becomes conscious of itself. 

Light Language is an inherent part of my personal practice, in the initial stages of meditation + as a channelling tool for over 10 years. It first came through as an attempt to alleviate the bombardment of clairvoyant coding that I received every time I closed my eyes in 2012 (When Uranus began his activation journey in my natal chart, starting with my Arian Venus conjunct Mercury) . Which has led to automatic grid and earth coding downloads in almost all new places I visit. It’s a heart response. Energy seeks connection. I am a witnessing channel in that moment. Spirit seeks to be expressed in physical body movements and with sound. 


For me, as a synesthete (synaesthesia) -every word or sound forms a vivid display of colour or imagery in my mind’s eye- so using Light Language in meditation heightens my experience + fine tunes the imagery for clairvoyant healing and channelling. 

Everything has an energy that is communicating with you, the Sun and Stars, plants, animals, the vibe of a place, or a group of people, and of course the Aura and Energy of each person. The beauty of Light Language each person receives what they need from each transmission. 

Any time is good to begin playing with Light Language, this week while the Sun is aligning with Sirius the Fixed Star, you can open to the enhanced awareness of Star Illumination, and channelling star consciousness.

Sirius Conjunct Sun 6 July 2023 3:29pm BST 

If you are in the Algarve, join me for a Light Language Activation at the Cliffs in Falésia. DM to join.

IG:  @12thSpace

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