Pre Eclipse Blessings

Posted on: April 2, 2024

Happy Easter

Sending out waves of Love and Gratitude as we embark on the very high vibration week leading us to the Aries Solar Eclipse on the 8th April. 


I shared at length about these powerful energy signatures playing out for these 5 weeks in my Eclipse Webinar. Check it out >>

This week: 

1 April 

Mercury stations Retrograde at 27° Aries:

Look within, seek inspiration from your script, not the narrative outside of you. Clear the mental patterns that rob you of your courageous Light. Listen to your bright mind connected to a vast field of vivid consciousness. 

You are Light, seek connection with that part of yourself.


3 April 

Venus and Neptune Conjoin at 28° Pisces:

One of the most beautiful aspects, softening the Eclipse Season. A high vibration of Love. Transcendent Love Reinforced. Place value on healing, rest and connecting with what Love can do. This is a powerful energy to enhance for the collective during this shifting time.  

Oneness in All, the Ocean in a Drop, “The Prism” (Sabian symbol) reveals One Light is in the entire spectrum. Be the loving witness. 

It is through a Heart that unconditionally Accepts the many currents and waves that ripple through time, the many tones and hues that portray the beautifully diverse of Divinity, that becomes a living embodiment of transcendental expression. 

Abolish shame and jealousy, absolve doubt and curb idealism from your Heart. Be mindful of these excessive portrayals that attempt to confuse and dilute you. Conceive forgiveness, acceptance and creative Love as a virtue worth living with.

The capacity for the collective to lean into this essence can heighten the mass reach of healing the fear, pain and trauma that binds us to old ways of separation for this eclipse. It is the Christos-Sophia spark. Tend to this spark that ignites in your consciousness to be re-membered. 

I spoke at length about this on my Eclipse Webinar, covering the 5 weeks around the Eclipse Season which is available via link in my bio.



4 April 

Join me for a day event Connecting with Light Beings, as I share channelling methods and practical intuitive techniques to assist attaining a broad use of your senses. 

9:30am-3:30pm includes Cacao + Lunch €111



4 April 

The Sun and North Node Conjoin at 15°Aries:

Fated Consciousness, realise your path. Let this eclipse wash away what is not serving you and honour the changes this auspicious time delivers. 

Hugs and Blessings of Love to you and your family 🩷✨🙏

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