Full Moon in Scorpio

Posted on: April 22, 2024

Blessings and Love for the Scorpio Full Moon 🌕🙏 🐦‍🔥

The Full Moon at 4°♏︎ occurs at (night of 23rd) 00:48 am BST 24th April (Loulé)



The full moon is a time of gratitude, amplification, celebration. What are you reflecting on to celebrate and hold alchemising appreciation for?


Scorpio key words:

Magnetic, Hidden, Unconscious Knowing, Unspoken Wisdom, Depth, Psychic, Power (Empowerment/ Overpowering), Control, Intensity, Obsession, Suppression, Dominance, Sexual, Kundalini Force, Regeneration, Passion, Unearthing Truth/Lies, Suspicion, Paranoia, Investigation, Inner Heart, Womb Waters, Instinct, Death/Rebirth, Chaos, Transformation, Metamorphosis, Alchemy, Drive, Force, Evolution, Protection.

Scorpion, Snake, Eagle and Phoenix

Ruled by Mars (trad.) and Pluto (mod.)


Scorpio Full Moon

Occurs when our Moon is opposite the Sun at Taurus Season. And this lunation is linked to the longer cycle phase which began at the 2°♏︎ Solar Eclipse in Oct 2022…

Look into the dark waters that are illuminated now since then

Reflect over the rippling time currents that have moved you, changed you.

What was seeded then has potentially bloomed and bore fruit. Celebrate its juiciness! Feel it uncoiling and writhing through you. Wild heart passionately invigorating creation through your body.

Even if this time has brought you through the depth of your being, voids of chaos, dark nights of the soul – what can you be empowered by from this realisation of transformative growth?

Look for 4°♏︎ Scorpio in your chart to see where this is occurring for you.

Sabian Symbol:

(imagery for integration)


The Body/ Land/ Taurus: offers Stability and Containment of Mysterious, Unpredictable, Continuously Changing Consciousness (The Great Ocean, Fixed Water, Scorpio)



This Full Moon in Scorpio is making a Square 90° to Pluto in 2° Aquarius. Suggesting there is a Higher Intellect forcing a manifestation of change to occur. The fixed cross is accentuated for this lunation calling for your sovereignty to be reflected upon. What areas can you surrender to, exonerate, forgive, strengthen? Are there areas to clean up the mess, discard the proverbial rotten fruit, alchemise and be grateful for so you can find the silver lining in its magic and resonate with, honour and celebrate this energy signature on the Full Moon?

As this Lunation is occurring at the closing of the Eclipse Season, and on the tails of the Jupiter Uranus Conjunction, days before Mercury stations direct – plenty to integrate! Take advantage of this alignment to honestly review any emotional pitfalls and dark crevices of your consciousness hiding your true feelings that could do with an illuminating deep purge.


Plunge to your core, feel your power and rise healed. Blaze like the phoenix 🐦‍🔥 Celebrate your achievements in emotional consciousness thus far.
Raise your frequency, take the emotional depth you feel and elevate it with a frequency of the New Bountiful Intellect that is coherent with the Sovereign Embodiment.

In simple practice- be in nature. Ground and sink your feet and hands into rich soil – feel it all, love it all!
Have a salt bath and cry, laugh and Love intensely your body holding all your emotions.

Fire Ceremony, burn items that are not serving you. Write it on a page and burn the paper. Watch the mesmerising flames dance…. Dance around the fire for the love of your sensual expression!


Blessings and Love


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