Posted on: July 19, 2023

Place yourself in opposition to another person and feel that tension, perceived neutrally there is a palpable exchange of energy and awareness of varied consciousness. Does it make you react? How could you respond? What do you witness when in an opposing connection?

It’s alluring, maybe slightly threatening and quite extraordinary! (Well, particularly if you are curious! 😉)



Mars ♍︎ opp Saturn ♓︎ 20th July

Sun ♋︎ opp Pluto ♑︎ 21st July

This weeks energy has been strong, powerful and testing. The New Moon, Lunar Nodal Shift, the aforementioned oppositions, and Venus and Chiron begging their Retrograde this weekend.

There is a Push and Pull in the air. A change in your step to dance with a Clash and Confrontation. The Breaking, the Beginning again, The Strengthening …


Opposition Aspects create a conflict and tension that cannot be dismissed. As a collective transits this can create motion and raise choices that need to be made. It is a tête-à-tête that calls for awareness of a separation and projection that has yet to be bound in self-actualisation and respect. Be cautious of its tendency to swing to extremes particularly if in a weakened state, but what pulls one way must equally pull the other… in time. If honoured, opposition can become a massive force to be reckoned with. Steady the fulcrum, find your centre.


This week as Mars ♍︎ opposes Saturn ♓︎ : Passion, Drive and Will can battle with Refinement, Responsibility and a Dampening of the Pace. Ambition meets Authority. Fast and Slow.

And The Sun ♋︎ opposes Pluto ♑︎ : Vitality, Ego and Awareness confronting Power, Chaos and Transformation. Radiance greets Shadow. Surface and Depth.

But these forces that initially feel challenging, destructive and unsettling can be a beautiful force of evolution. They just require some stamina and trust to see it through.

Lean into the lessons of hard truths, compose the fight on wisdom, tame with respect, unleash without fear, apply passion in an order that propels it with direction.

Develop awareness of the complexity of existence and necessary use of anchoring and propelling your energy when needed to Grow with Strength. Iron and Lead . What to do with an Embodied Wild Spirit?


Fully witness the unfolding of birth, honour death as much as you do life. Trust the terrifying destructive nature that awakens a new found understanding of Beauty, the sweet surrender to the depth of darkness that activates spirited expression that enlightens the shadows and unites a force of empowered vitality to Ascend. Gold and Plutonium. How to Enlighten without Self Combusting?

So let the pendulum swing. Find your centre. And seek to Strengthen Patience and Be a Loving Force.

We all have at least one opposition in our natal charts – the Lunar Nodes. But some of us live with a few opposition aspects, it keeps things interesting 😅 that’s what I say 🙏

Big love to my fellow Opposition Folk ❤️

Written from my heart inspired by own natal Sun ♉︎ opp Pluto ♏︎ and Saturn ♏︎ opp Mars ♉︎, sometimes I wonder if intensity and challenges are energies I will master, thankfully I’m curious 😂

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