Capricorn New Moon

Posted on: January 10, 2024

New Moon in Capricorn 

20° ♑︎ Cardinal Earth 

11th January 2024

11:57 am UT 


New Moon – intention setting for your Soul Path, new beginnings for the emotional nurturing unfolding. 

Cardinal Earth ♑︎ – embodied achievement, systems and structures that creates our reality. 

20°♑︎ Sabian Symbol – the Relay Race. Cooperation and competition in the group. 


Whether the race is with your team of kin and community or if it is with your past and present versions of self – the relay race metaphor is seeding, for this New Moon, the opportunity to make peace with your self-mastery and remember what you are living for. 

What are you competing for? How can you cooperate for the team/ your Soul/ the collective? 

Be responsible for your present participation, be willing to carry the weight of your past efforts or that of other team mates efforts, and show up to offer your wisdom and strength that elevates your present self and that of your kin and community. 

This is the purpose of the race. 

Soul’s expression in life is focused not on the individual mastery, but on the efforts of the individual towards self-mastery that serves the team as a whole. Recollection of Soul fragments and memories that heal and strengthen the unity of “mirror” (moon) that allow the collective to see itself through life’s expression. (Sun, Moon, Earth interplay) 

There is no point in One reaching the pinnacle when the path behind them is strewn with their broken and lost fragments of self or abandoned kin forgotten for the sake of ego or inauthenticity. 

Your own soul growth and evolution is paramount towards the activation of the collective remembrance. It is not a competition but a cooperative structure of living. 

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When viewed as the opening lunation of the Gregorian Year 2024 – this Capricorn Moon marks the seeding point for our Soul to embark on a year long journey that ends with the Capricorn Moon on 30th December 2024. This lunation cycle encapsulates the Chinese Year of the Dragon. 

A year dominant of the elements Fire and Air: [Nodes (eclipses) in Fire ♈︎ and Air ♎︎, Mercury retrogrades mainly in Fire Signs, Venus Star Point in Air ♊︎, Pluto ingresses into Air ♒︎ , Jupiter ingresses into Air ♊︎]

We can enhance our manifested (Earth) experience by leaning into the Cardinal Earth Lunation, grounding the Soul and calling the Fiery Breath 🐉 of the Sharp Sighted Spirit to pierce the veils of illusion and stoke the inner flames of our embodiment that welcome the activation for the Illuminated Path to unfold. 

Become the humbled carrier of Light, ground these codes into the Body of Earth. Embody the Dragon that reforms the Ley Lines (dragon lines/song lines) of this dimensional reality. 

Your crystalline body craves to remember that it is a miraculous instrument in the orchestra that plays the tune as Earth Consciousness evolves. 

You are not merely witnessing this event unfolding, fine tune yourself as you channel the Light sung through this plane of existence. 


This New Moon, take a walk in nature, connect to the land. Let the Breath of Spirit, the Song of Light course through you, through your carbon form, guiding your footsteps and anchoring your Soul into the evolving reality that is being reformed. 



A little reminder that it began its restructuring 4 years ago (12th Jan 2020) when Saturn and Pluto (including Ceres, Sun and Mercury) conjoined at 22°♑︎ to initiate a new cycle for the transformation of reality to unfold until 2053. 

This New Moon is your Soul remembering how you cooperate in this relay of reality unfolding?


Blessings and Love 


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