New Moon Pisces 2024

Posted on: March 9, 2024

New Moon in Pisces ♓︎

In the Mutable Watery pools of existence they watch the shafts of Light infuse through the endless rolling motion of expansive consciousness, and the bubbles of each dream memory writhe and wriggle to the surface.

Gold and Silver, twirling and interlaced, forming the blithely and yet oddly impulsive dance of Sol and Luna. Enshrined in melody, swathed in spectral hues, surrendered in the immortal endings, born of bliss – a new frequency wave palpitates.


This ripple will roll across time and form a space that will cocoon us in the learnings of how we need to relate to the emerging spirit that is dawning through these womb waters, beckoning authenticity to be joyfully embraced in the face of a descending time that must be dissolved, reimagined and reformed for the genius of homo synesthetes to be birthed.

The remembrance of seeding consciousness, unbounded by time yet fluid within it and beyond it is colouring our imagination and guiding us in Dream.

As our world morphs and evolves at a rapid pace, know your Essence is not lost at sea.

You are created to create in this beautiful unfolding. When you trust your capacity to feel it all and yet continue to courageously steer your vessel to voyage through this great testing play of consciousness, you can unite with the guiding Lights, the MaStars, that show you a way.

Light plays through the water and your Sound resonance moves it to cymatically into harmonic beauty. Let yourself explore the limitless plane of self discovery. Release doubt from your Heart and may the melody of your Essence carry you.

New Moon Blessings


Sun and Moon at 20°♓︎ Pisces

10 March 2024

9am UTC


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