New Moon in Scorpio 2023

Posted on: November 27, 2023

Scorpio New Moon Blessings 

Sol & Luna: SemiSquare Venus (friction of the Heart), Opposing Uranus (confront Higher Mind), and Conjunct Mars (merging of Divine Will). 

20°♏︎ Fixed Water Sabian Symbol: CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTION

Sometimes we must follow our conscience and face the consequences of society’s disapproval

“Being true to ourselves”


🌑♏️ 13th November 2023 09:27am UT


Be with your New Moon Intentions this evening, have a bath or gaze at a sole flame flickering in the darkness. 

Plunge into the depth of your Soul tonight and face the darkness with courage. Courage to protect your essence, your consciousness is worth it! Encourage your perception to see beyond the friction, the irritation is worth your patience. Feel it. 


Breathe from your heart, and close your eyes. Sink into the depth of yourself. Be with the ocean of your emotions, the terror and rage, the fierce force, the bliss and beauty. Be with the Love, the deep and vast Love. The Love that fights to be remembered. 


Feel your palpable Love and Power. You can alchemise, your can evolve, you can Be Light in the Dark Ocean. Magically transform your consciousness by being with its depth, protecting and loving it! Feel it in all. 


On this New Moon be willing to face the awakened memories of your Soul. Feel into the electromagnetically charged plasma that holds us all collectively. Trust this disruption and know that the Sacred Waters in you and in all, can thrive and transform when we can allow our cells/ourself to be held by the depth of Loving Compassion. 


The alchemy of this #Scorpio New Moon opens the opportunity to nurture the Will of our Conscience, to lead from a place of Intuition and Heart. Though, this may jar with society or conditioned norms (or the herd mentality) it does provide the capacity for the collective vibration to be elevated and the hive mind to awaken and hum at a harmonic frequency. This divine frequency shift is the alchemical call to ReMember Soul and Spirit, Heart and Mind and make an impact in our embodied connections. 


Blessings and Love 🥰

New Moon intentions are powerful commitments to our Soul. Take time to be with that sacred part of you. 🌑♏️🙏❤️


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