New Moon in Gemini Conj Venus

Posted on: June 6, 2024

New Moon at 16° ♊︎ Gemini conjunct Venus Evening Star and Rigel on the 6th June. 


Breathe new intention seeds for integration. Disconnecting from the entangled net, to fluidly flowing in the silvery lattice of the Heart’s toroidal field. 

Healing the mind virus, maturing with the heart, for the love of the Soul. Christ Consciousness (Fixed Star Rigel) and The Queen of the Heavens (Venus) sing the codes back into existence through the silver cords of our matrix and into the open minds that see.



“Using mature and well reasoned argument to bring another to an unemotional understanding. Recognition of our youthful emotions and the maturing towards wisdom. Soul achievement is measured by awareness of self and empathic appreciation of others” – Burgess


Gemini is the dual expression, witnessing, adapting, supporting, guiding the expansion of perception of Spirit Embodied to see many points of view fractalled and ensouled. The Witness and the Narrator.   


Ruled by Mercury, often depicted as the Scribe that supports the progenitor in creation stories, that records and keeps the codes used to reboot when all is lost. The voice that listens and offers a heart-to-heart talk when you feel lost.


Mutable Air forms the invisible silver cord that sang your Soul into life, into the pillars of the DNA ladder, activated by your first inhalation and exhaled by the cry of embodiment. From there you became enmeshed and interdependent in this beautiful environment. A symbiotic relationship. Heart Conscience ever present communicating with you, your inner mind and outer expression. 

Duality defines an intellectual framework for instinct to play within. We are individually, socially, culturally and collectively wrapped in narratives that teach parameters of creation and routes of connection. Our stories are a beautiful reflection of how we have evolved with understanding of the narration of these codes. The same stories are repeated and regurgitated for our soul to feast on and grow. 


When rigid dichotomy weighs on this fluid symbiotic mesh and attempts to divide and ostracise, then our adaptive intellectual nature becomes flawed. The Fool and The Trickster begin to play. The falsehood of separation and superiority limits changing movement. 

Your compassion heals the misconception of separation. And there, your heart hears the messages of your higher knowing, found in the glimmering nuances that move you through existence. 


And All stories can be decoded, detangled, games observed, and a song’s meaning heard by the heart. 

Breadcrumbs will always provide a path for you to come back to the Origin of the Story, duality working together as one. One bite of a bad Apple, poisoned by malice can put you into a deep slumber, but a kiss of True Love can bring you back – truth is in the simplicity of the meaning. Self Love, Looking in the Mirror offers a realisation of this peculiar game of thrones and trump cards, but this mercurial portal of the Heart never lies. So don’t stop seeking, expanding as you Know Thyself as Love. 


These origin codes are not severed, they may just be in need of a replaying, plucking the harp (Heart) strings to dust off the chords, retuning to connect the notes into resonance again. The song of Love is inherent in creation, codes of magical wisdom found in all when you use your eyes to see, ears to listen and your voice to activate resonance. 


At times when the noise and compulsion of this world tangles you into a distracting dissonance, catch yourself when it breeds a notion of separation from your heart. A short-circuit that assumes superiority is an entitlement worth fighting for.  “Fighting is a bad idea. Giving in to one’s dark side never accomplishes anything.” JC Jiminy Cricket

Indigenously known as wetiko, is a mind virus that attacks humanity like a ravenous cancer cell that is now shouting at us to remember or be consumed by our own collective greed and gluttony. An additional inversion of the Venusian duality expression holding up a mirror for us to see how far we are letting things go. This is not a shaming but a reminder, Venus is maturing with discernment so we are offered guidance to act accordingly. Your word is a force of creation. Find your truth and pulsate it out in all directions, calling resonance to be attracted to you, for you and for us. 


Light and Dark may colour your perception. Horizontal perspectives mute the vertices of your connection. But don’t forget to listen to your own resonance of truth, as it instantly blows the dust that veils the silver cords that are still with you. Like Jiminy Cricket, teaching you how to be Spirit Embodied, relating and sharing this existence. Your Heart Conscience is real. 


Don’t be fooled by smoke and mirrors, by smart soundbites and curated realities. Love them in their artistic expression, as a cultured Heart, appreciate the reach of humanity’s creativity. Recognise falsehoods and inclinations to perpetuate lies, calm your system with the capacity to hold a middle way, a third vantage point that can be brought into existence only by your cooperation with Heart Resonance. 

As Solzhenitsyn writes, “One word of truth outweighs the whole world.”


Everything is so intrinsically connected that nothing is without synchronistic alignment. Neutralise your heart perception to see the splendour of evolution occurring rapidly in this liminal experience. 

You come from Pure Love, you grow through discernment + trickery and you evolve with Awareness. 


This New Moon, Know yourself: Look in the Mirror of your Heart and face the reality you are woven into. Mature your perception, empower your capacity to speak in Love. 


One final quote from Jiminy Cricket: “If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme. When you wish upon a star as dreamers do.” 


Feed your Head with your guidance from your Heart …

New Moon Blessings

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