New Moon in Cancer July 2020

Posted on: July 20, 2020

Cancer New Moon

20th July 2020 ~ 18:32 BST / 10:32 am PDT


The second Cardinal Water New Moon ?♋︎

A second chance to remember the intention that you have come to achieve for this life experience. Tune in. Nurture + feel into these Heart intentions, let these memories form the bases for your waking reality.


Tend to the feelings that are driving you at the moment, each one is planting a seed in the foundations of your reality – that which you hold onto will manifest.


These Heart Seeds – intentions – that you are putting out (including the intentions at Solstice/Cancer New Moon 21st June 2020) hold the vibration of your sacred lineage, your roots. If you are choosing to awaken now you have come to use this frequency to anchor the New Earth.


Take advantage of this adjustment to your karmic ties, use your reclaimed wisdom to liberate + take you forward, ascending and manifesting your purpose.


In the Dark of the Moon, take a moment to close your eyes removing the sense of separation in your reality. Be centred in the awareness of ALL that you are and ALL you attract in now.


Open your third eye to perceive the essence of your Being that is called to manifest the New Earth Grid. Remember the visions. Feel the memories come alive. Hear the call. Be the embodiment of this New Earth Energy.


Nurture the overflow of abundance into your Heart now. Surrender to this Dark Moon -sleep, rest, recharge-  as it quenches the thirst from the mission of attracting your New Earth Reality.

Part II:

If you have found yourself retreating from the mainstream – the tumultuous waves – to focusing more on your self-care, home life, on those that really matter to you, your family (blood family or energetic family); If you are discerning where you place your energy and what you allow in to engage with you –  then know you are ascending through the experience of a shift in reality.


The influx of energy waves, the dramas won’t cease to flow. Infinite ripples of energy will continue for existence to play with. You choose to engage and learn from these experiences. Can you see these dramas like waves? Are you being hit by these waves or observing them? Perhaps some and pulling you under occasionally – but you are resurfacing, breathing, remembering more. How are you feeling, perceiving and responding at this time?


This may be a painful and uncomfortable time for many. Hold space for yourself and others. If you are experiencing a splitting of timelines, a separation to what you knew or perceived as your world; sensing that you must change from old ways or merge with an alternative route – know that this offers deep healing, a key to unlocking your perception, ultimately leading to an enriching life experience.

Keep remembering. Compassionately witnessing. Becoming part of the Space that holds ALL this. Offering loving guidance that radiates from your heart presence.


These waves are a frequency. Hovering above those waves are another, and another set of frequencies and so on… one such frequency is the New Earth Grid that has manifested – come to Light. The reason this may feel uncomfortable is because it is so ‘close’ you are feel faced to decide and take action to attain it, to ground to that frequency of existence. This isn’t always a simple choice but use this opportunity to form the foundations of your life, step by step, building your reality.

All realities exist. Make yours worth living for. Plant the intentions now to bring in your reality that attains to your purpose.


(Inspired by the Language of Astrology: New Moon in Cardinal Water. ♋︎ Sun   Moon opp Saturn. Saturn is closest to Earth this week. Mercury Square Chiron. Neptune sextile Jupiter. Saturn Quincunx North Node.)


All realities exist. Multiple frequencies. Some you perceive some you cannot fathom.

Frequencies made up of waves.

Waves of life experiences to engage with and learn from.

Your Heart vibrates your intentions and makes the waves of your reality. Remember.

Plant those Heart Seed Intentions now to bring in your reality that attains to your purpose


Personal Vision Share:

These past few weeks have united some of my oldest intuitive visions and dreams. That electric feeling when a loop is plugged in and things strung together light up. 

Recalling a vision, recurring dream I had when I was a child:  this image of an eye atop a peaked structure, mountain/pyramid, only cloud below. Projecting from the Eye was a beam of Light. Unaware of the others it connected to, I had a knowing or longing it was connecting to others. Over the years, as this reoccurred it developed. The Eye was at the Brow of a Being and it was sharing or holding this beam of Light as part of a grid that connected to a few others. This communication line, the vision was now a shared vision. 

I never understood it back then – as this was long before I had learned to decode, trust and comprehend my dreams and clairvoyant visions. I just thought I was a bit odd at seeing this recur in my dreams and mindseye, alone in that no one would understand if I shared or expressed it. So I didn’t. 

Fortunately times have changed. I have found a way to express in my metaphoric riddles, that speaks to those who hold the shared vision. And I hear and see you. I know I am not alone. We are all-one. Uniquely united. 


This one was recently brought to mind again in a meditation with @iamrakiel and it joined with a past life recollection where I looked down and saw my dark feet landing on this warm red dusty soil. I had created this land, I walked this planet. It was my creation. 

These metaphoric visions lit up made sense to current times. These types of memories resurface to be used as guidance for each moment of life experience. These seeds, these primal memories are the foundations for forming New Earth with the vision of the Crystalline Grid held at the brow.

Hold the Vision. Ground it into Manifestation, to walk within your creation.


As these visions have evolved and lit up, the Grid has formed in the Ether above us. This holds the Energetic Signature that Gaia has ascended to. Humanity can feel this, which is causing a sensation like a combustion pressure or a separation/split because two (or more like multiple) realities, dimensions and densities are merging and forming. Our Consciousness needs to recalibrate to comprehend this and align with our chosen reality. 



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