New Moon in Aries

Posted on: April 10, 2021


Aries New Moon

12th April 2021

03:30 BST


Dark Moon in Cardinal Fire: 

Ignite the Flame of unadulterated Spirit and Awe. Life is created in this image.


As the Moon presents itself in Cardinal Fire, feel this excitement rise in your Soul. A New Beginning. Reflect back during these days of the Dark Moon – before the first glimmer of the New Moon on the 12th April – on the past 12 months as it is brought to an end. Honour it.

Honour, as you release old skins and ways of being back to the Light. Enjoy that feeling of liberation in that moment before New Light is drawn into and through you for manifestation.


Use this alignment with Luna and Sol to envision the path you wish to blaze along. Release the fight of what has been, and accept the potential of failure so they don’t deter your direction. You can simply begin again. No judgement, just raw life force guiding you. Trust it. 


Gaze at a flame and proclaim your true desires, set free your highest intent as you align and set it on a course to manifest in this life now. 


Throughout this year when you see a candle wavering in solitude lighting an entire room, or a cluster of tea lights in coloured glass lamps elevating the atmosphere or even a blazing fire warming from the hearth – be reminded of your New Moon Intention and your alignment with your Light Expression.


Life is not as fickle as some may think. Intention carries weight when continuously held in the eye of Spirit and Awe.



Cardinal Fire – Aries: An energy that is often misused or misunderstood. Exuberant elation, courageous assertion, sensual display or blind focus can be “too much” for many to fully withstand in its purity. And rage, immaturity or untamed impulses are unacceptable for the most part in society. Yet, Cardinal Fire in its infancy is accepted and adored, dressed in the guise of its archetype the child is the easiest way to fathom such a force.

It is the force that exists in everyone in varying measure, you are a child of Light. It initiates movement in you and creativity, it brings life to your ideas, manifests desires and excitement and keeps the pulse thumping for other forms to live through you.

When we allow ourselves to sit with Cardinal Fire Aries we sit with a pure force that requires us to be witness to its fearless expression. Yet, we (humanity) have often tamed and constrained, redirected, fought for, killed over, and almost snuffed it to extinction in order to feel power over it.

Have we forgotten how to be a witness? Has the joy of observing really become lost to self entitlement, myopic individuality or the lust for fame and fortune? This misuse of such incredible energy is the sad destruction of many an era. And as we witness this time of existence, where the pendulum has swung, we can see this prevailing all too clearly.

For this Dark Moon phase of Aries here are some questions to inquire within:

  • When you are faced with another presenting their will and it differs or opposes yours do you feel threatened and respond with Fight, Flight or Freeze?
  • Does it cause you to dim your Light into suppression or cause an irrepressible urge to come over you to change their expression to mimic yours in some alignment?
  • When you laugh is it with joy and not ridicule or judgement?
  • Do you revel in awe and excitement at life’s colourful spectrum?
  • Can you utilise the rise of your character, in unison with another, to encourage an awesome display of creativity manifested in this reality?

And equally, if your own intention is in conflict with your expression, if your desires and life are not in alignment, perhaps this New Moon is an ideal time to motivate change in you, to bring out a newfound progress that illuminates your life to true form! After all, considerable effort pays off in a time of transformation, and we are living in the times of Great Transformation. Undertake it joyfully to make a positive impact.

New Moon Blessings to you and yours!

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