Lunar Nodes into Aries

Posted on: July 12, 2023

North Node into Aries


Next week, the 17th July 2023 the Lunar Nodes will shift signs for the next 18 months. The Ascending (North) Node from Taurus into Aries and the Descending (South) Node from Scorpio to Libra. The Lunar Nodes are considered the Gateways between the waking reality and the unbound Soul plane – or the Astral. When they reach 0º Aries/Libra in 18 months these Gateways will reach the Divine Union Point, equinox – of equal day and night, or Divine Masculine and Feminine. The Beginning Point of Creative Light and the Equal Opposite Point of Harmonic Wisdom. Lucifer and Zaphiya (Sophia), Yeshua and Miryam. 

The Equinox Points as taught at the BlueRose Astrology are: “considered to be the initiation into wisdom at 0º Libra and the emergence of gnosis at 0º Aries, or the path of the Kailah Messiah and that of the Messiah within the esoteric gnostic Christian tradition.” Andrew Smith.

If you can think back to the Aries Solar Eclipse on the 20th April this year… That was the beginning of what is to come, if that is anything to go by once the nodes shift into Cardinal Fire / Air Axis we have an exciting show ahead of us! A collective call to find our Souls Creative outlet, speak and see Truth, Awaken the Mind and Harmonise the Soul’s Path. 


Astrologically, the Lunar Nodes have long been a celestial intersection point of most importance over the ages, especially as they denote the Eclipses. Astrologers were required to foretell of these occurrences and prepare the collective (or specifically in ancient times, those in power) for this phenomenon… So how shall we prepare? I will share my musings at this Friday’s event (online and in person * email or sign up via this LINK: AWAKEN THE DREAMER)


Eclipses are an awesome sky watcher experience – when either of our Earthly Lights (Sun or Moon) are consumed momentarily into darkness by the celestial dragon, before being released for the chase to continue again. Perhaps it’s “just” a soulful play on the cosmic field of expanding consciousness, yet even in the manifested reality these gateways are significant enough to incite deep fears or excite courage and activation of faith. 


The Lunar Nodes are two celestial points where the Moon’s orbit intersects Earth’s ecliptic plane (the path of the Sun). The North and South Nodes deepen our Lunar tendencies, shedding light on our Subconsciousness, and enhance our Life Path Expression – Soul´s Destiny and Karma. 


  1. North Node: The Ascending or True Node, represents a point of growth and development in a person’s life. Signifying the soul’s evolutionary direction and the qualities that need to be embraced and cultivated to fulfil one’s life purpose. Striving for this hunger to be met can provide great Soul satisfaction even if it doesn’t amount to the Manifested Realities “typical” destiny, when the individual follows the pull to achieve the Soul Craving there is where profound contentment is found. Aka the Dragon’s Head, Rahu. I like to imagine it like a magnet, it calls to something deep within you, lifting you out of your conditioned path. It will more than likely require you to let go of a sense of security and comfort to reach it. The pinnacle of this Life’s achievement, the one that shapes you and feels fated. 

  1. South Node: The Descending or South Node is the opposite point to the North Node. Representing the Soul’s comfort zone, unconscious patterns, qualities and skills that are already acquired or developed in previous lives, linking to past life experiences and karmic patterns. The South Node can shed light on characteristics or behaviours that may feel comfortable and familiar, but can also represent patterns that need to be released or transcended to progress on the soul’s journey. Aka the Dragon’s Tail, Ketu. I like to imagine this as the backpack of rocks that you have carried into this lifetime, use the rocks like gems or coded crystals – there is magic and wisdom in them when you use them but once you have taken one out of your backpack, place it back in the Earth… don’t continue to carry the unnecessary weight. This will lighten the load and assist in pushing towards your Ascending Point. 


I will be sharing more about the Nodes and the significance of this Shift into Aries and Libra this Friday.  Join my seminar (or sign up to join online or get the recording) to learn about Lucid Dreaming, The Lunar Nodes and a guided Dream practice setting you up for the 18 months of the Dragon Svarbhānu’s Journey to 0º Aries, preceding the Union of Saturn (reality) and Neptune (dream) here at the critical point of the beginning of the Zodiac.  

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