Lunar Eclipse at 5° Taurus 2023

Posted on: November 27, 2023

Lunar Eclipse at 5° Taurus 

28th Oct 2023 

21:24 pm Portugal/Ireland 


Alchemy of Fixed Water Scorpio Sun opposing Luna in Fixed Earth Taurus. 


What can you hold and build? What needs to spill over, and be released? What restoration is needed for your temple to house your Alchemical Loving Essence? 


Soul calls to be Embraced & Embodied in Fixed Earth Taurus. This Eclipse Season has been ruled by Venus (Libra Solar Eclipse and now Taurus Lunar Eclipse) Venus is always prompting Loving Embodiment – in Mind and Body. 


The Sabian Symbol for 5-6°♉︎ 

“A cantilever Bridge across a deep gorge. 

Find a way to end separation and form group consciousness.”


The final Eclipse of Taurus / Scorpio until 2031 when the North Node enters Scorpio. 

When the North Node was in Taurus, for 18 months, we were prompted to heal your intuitive empowerment within your body. So, now at the final doorway of this calling: hold deep gratitude and feel its abundance. 


Honour and strengthen your visceral intelligence. You are not singular in this experience. 


*Remember the alchemy of your spiritual embodiment journey.* 




(you may have noticed only poetic musings have been flowing this week from me. I had a profound crown chakra 👁️ experience last weekend and have been enjoying the eclipse energy awakening something in me, particularly since the Solar Eclipse had me (and many of us) in the depth of sorrow and hopelessness. Prayer and holding onto a vision has lifted a veil. And for now these visionary experiences are best expressed via my word love poetic musings. 


Have a blessed weekend ❤️🙏🌕

Sending hugs and love ☺️


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