Listen. Trust. Inhale

Posted on: February 5, 2024

Close your Eyes. Listen.

Deeply listen.


Breathe in. Connect within.


There is so much to learn from this simple practice.

And today. A profound thing may happen if you truly sit in and listen.

The story of consciousness is whispering very clearly.  When you listen you can radically free yourself and find a thread of truth that connects you to something quite unfathomable.

At the very least use today’s energy signature of Mercury conjunct Pluto at 0° Aquarius (exact at 12:43pm UT Loulé)  to empower your thoughts, the narrative you carry about our evolving existence, see through fear, see beyond the illusion of shadow versus light and connect the polarising expressions in a synergistic perception that elevates your mind and frees you from the restricting oppression.



Mercury Conjunct Pluto 0° Aquarius 5th Feb at 12:43pm UT Loulé, Portugal.

New Moon in Aquarius 9th Feb

Mars Conjunct Pluto 0° Aquarius 14th Feb

Venus Conjunct Pluto 0° Aquarius 17th Feb



Why are these dates important? Because Mercury, Venus and Mars represent our personal qualities – perception/ Intelligent Mind, values/ Loving Heart, actions/ Evolutionary Force.

When they align with the slow moving planet Pluto – that is in its second of three passes on the 0°  of Fixed Air – the archetype that represents the mapping of the path of radical change for our collective future, can be brought into a more bite size, comprehensive and manifested essence that can significantly alter our state of personal consciousness interacting in the vast collective experience. These next 2 weeks are certainly worth the time and space given to connecting in and empowering your mind, heart and will.


So pause. And listen. Trust. And Breathe.


Open the threads of communication and relinquish the grip of hidden fears so you can alchemise your beautiful mind. Become a great weaver of the mighty loving truth that is connecting us to such great depths and heights beyond this time and space. Even if it feels out of reach or beyond attainment now. Listen and Trust.



Sending hugs and Love



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