⚫ Dark Moon Cardinal Air Libra ⚫

Posted on: October 20, 2020

⚫ Dark Moon ♎︎ Cardinal Air ♎︎ Libra

16 Oct 2020 20:31 BST


Reflections & Reverberations 

The reality you create with your outward expression has the opportunity now to succumb to the invisible sound waves that are morphing our world as we speak.  A current of air moving the fabric of our reality.


It is not just our literal words or actions that are impacting us. It is the breath preceding them, before the words are uttered. Subtly Powerful. 


. The Intention . 


A New Moon seed of Cardinal Air ♎︎ is planted in fertile darkness. Will you rebirth + grow with it? 

Can you feel the reverberation, that ripple effect? Every thought + word impacts your reality. 

Have you seen it already – play out in reality or your mind’s eye, in dreamtime? The sound waves are being felt, heard, witnessed + acted upon. We are living this shift. Answering the call; one way or another, we are part of the irrevocable change that impacts our reality + our beliefs. 


Easily missed, taken for granted – like a gust of wind or a big sigh – it begins within. These are the beginnings of the changes to our relationships. Relationships with the Self (the true self) and with others; with our society + environment. 

Our intention. Our impact. Our truth – can lead us to harmony, authenticity + unity consciousness. 

This New Moon, close your eyes + be led by your breath, just for a moment where does it lead you?


The importance of this invisible force will blow past you without your awareness unless you choose to shift your perception + face the winds of change that are playing out. 


Let this #Libra #NewMoon recharge your typically yang energies: plug in the mental + action oriented responses. Look within + listen to their echoes, feel their projections activate the life within you. The life you intended to express. 


As you drop the assumption to be righteous, sinking into the dark of this Libra  lunar love embrace, let it resound in you. Activating a newfound awakening of expression deep within you. A harmonic resonance.

Breathe. Are you really listening to your breath, hearing the motion in the air that carries your words? There is a transformation occurring within. A shedding of skins. A turning of times. The scales tip. 

With awareness of that old patriarch sense of entitlement – that has blinded for so long – falls away it opens for the rebirth + union of our intrinsic nature, of our intimate connectedness to all. 



If you are mentally saying one thing yet verbally another, any discord calls to be heard + resolved from within now as these seeds grow over the coming weeks, months + years. 


How beautiful are these photographs by Louis Greenfield that have epitomised the essence of this New Moon in Libra.

This is what I have seen multiple times over, particularly this past year. Whether in my channeling with RA, sitting/ learning in embodiment with the Great Mother, in vivid Dreamtime journeys, or vague little remembrances that just float to the surface of consciousness from time to time – this is how it has played out. That Divine Creation Force moves – unseen, unstoppable…. uniting consciousness from an invisible space. Hidden in whispers, subtly felt in the vibrations, known in the depth of the wisdom of creation that resides within you and me. Within us all. 


Reverberation: For so long I called it a blast, or a shockwave/ radio wave. That was fear speaking. Convert that to empowerment and the rebirth gives rise to strength. A beautiful realisation. 

So, like a huge breath that blew through humanity. A wave of air that moved the land, or the debris on the land. In the same breath total destruction yet rebirth. It moved the trees (the connected beings of earth + air)  bending them almost to their brink, flat. And yet allowing them return to an upright state reformed. 

No sound. Or not one we can audibly perceive, or remember how to hear. But one we do recognise. That breath of life. The intention of creation that moves us into being. 


Inspired by the Libra New Moon, this expression now comes out with ease. And exhale! 


This invisible wave has been rolling for sometime. We are unconsciously feeling and interpreting it. Yet are we yielding its call? 

Have we really forgotten or are we simply too conditioned into being terrified to experience what true freedom is? 

Liberation is responsibility. 


Breathe fully. Feel the movement of your chest as you breathe. Let your mind be soothed as it reflects on the echo of your breath in your inner ear. Let the actions you take be based on the sensation that evolves from these moments of true inner harmony, leading your intentions into manifestation. 


♎︎ New Moon ♎︎  


Internal Stocktake   :   Balance Begins Within. 

This New Moon is an opportune time to reevaluate + align with inner harmony. Not the messages projected outside of you dictating your inner worth, no to the false sense of obligation of how to turn up for others if it is to the detriment of your truth that you have long ignored. 


It is a time to recharge the intimate relationships 

Firstly, to Self: The one most easily neglected, but has the most simplistically profound impact on our lives and those we engage with. 


Kerb the over-reactions + embrace deep acceptance to acknowledge that we are each {individually + collectively} miraculous beings journeying through this experience of Knowing Thyself. 


By letting the reactive + judgmental stirrings go, observe how they teach you + perhaps offer a new window to look out from. A perspective that is worth your energy and will benefit you in the coming weeks. 


Secondly, review the intimate relationship with another: as partners, co-workers, close companions, lovers, co-parents…. the synchronistic dance that is open for interpretation, yet only your interpretation matters. 


Thirdly, the intimate relationships in your immediate family: Whether that is blood family or soul fam. Your children + parents. Your immediate reflections you engage with regularly.


The vast wisdom each of these intimate projections surrounding you offer can teach you more about yourself than you realise. So BE with it. Value these projections  – and I refer to them fondly as projections because our loved ones + our family hold up the greatest/hardest mirrors for us to view ourselves. These shifts in our perception of them can assist in opening us to compassion, healing + acceptance of Self. 

From there, we can find that authentic union/peace begins within …. and then we can bask in the harmony of being with another, no longer disenfranchised of the freedom or beautiful responsibilities that comes with remembering All of who you are. 


You are in everything – yes. A vast concept but generally accepted today. Yet instead of the overwhelm that concept might conjure for some (or soothe for others) all you have to focus on is what you are currently consciously breathing through. That really is all it is. 

One breath at a time. 

Do that and life miraculously unfolds. 

And Exhale ….

New Moon in Libra


Cardinal Air

Libra New Moon 

The Initiating Breath 

In This Deep Darkness

The Movement Of Thought

The Intention Of Beautiful Creation

Held In The Eye Of The Beholder 

Witnessing The Expression 

Of Life Force Breathed 

Into Action


Realign Your Intentions

Your Words, Your Actions

And Your Perceptions

Balance is Formed Within 

Then In The Reflections 

Projected Around You


Life Is The Dancer 

You Are But One Dance 


When You Take Your First Breath


This Life Is A Beautiful Creation

One Of The Mind

A Game

Your Life Force Projected To Engage 

With Existence 

Do Not Forget Your Intentions  

You Are Here To Express

Bringing Peace




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