Libra Equinox

Posted on: September 22, 2023

The Wheel Turns, we dance with the beautiful mind and voice, bringing balance to our space with celebrations for Libra Equinox 2023

On Saturday 23 September 07:30 am BST the Sun moves into Cardinal Air Libra 0° ♎️ marking the one of the eight festivals in the Wheel of the Year – the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Equinox- Equal Night (Latin: Aequus Nox) the midpoint between Summer and Winter Solstice.

Reflect back over the Summer’s Peak and prepare for the Winter’s Depth. 

♎️ Libra – Out Breath, Projected Mind, Cooperation, the Scales of Justice, Harmonic Relations, the Voice (equally the energy that speaks through)


“You are the dance, life is the dancer.” – Eckhart Tolle 

Watch as the elegant dancer moves through you, swaying to the currents of emotions you harbour, twisting and turning with the chatters of the mind, displaying finesse and flare as she elevates with your frequency. Grace exudes her when your heart is illuminated with honour and your voice sings the melody charming the dancer with harmony. 

As life lives through you, this Equinox be reminded to balance your perception of life, life living through you. 

Refine your understanding of the music/energy around, for this is what shapes the beautiful expression you project out into the cacophony in our world

Remain harmonic with your heart’s call despite the noise that can attempt to govern and mislead, not for nefarious means but merely due to discord and detachment with the heart-mind purpose of consciousness. . 

When the projected world is hard to fathom, and dissonance forms sharp divides like cracks in a mirror you can no longer blindly deny – you cannot ignore the truth. 

Truth of all that you are, and all you are part of, truth that you are not separate, nor alone in this turning of times. Truth that your existence makes an impact. 

Breathe out your Truth for it is part of the melody that calls to expand us into remembrance of what we are part of and what we are cooperating with. 

Truth is integrated shadow and light, harmonic Yin and Yang cooperating to evolve. Not eradication of one due to the dominance of another, cooperation – a process of working together, heart and mind finding solutions. 

Integration of your own light and shadow beckons now, the balance of Yin and Yang can be easier to attain or perhaps the challenge to maintain, for this decent is calling from within to harmonise the clashing din. 


Equinox Blessings

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