♌︎○ Full Moon in Leo 28th Jan ○♌︎

Posted on: January 31, 2021

Sovereign Soul Thank You for Leading the Way
Full Moon in Leo 28th Jan

The Sovereign Soul is Awake and asking to be Celebrated! There may be friction, tension and aggravations galore being triggered this week, but beneath the drama lies the opportunity to heal emotional patterns and stand in the face of fear with courage.
Remember Aquarius Season is asking us to breathe in and be with the insight of disruption. Breathe in deeply cooling the fiery emotional jets ? as things may seem exaggerated and erratic with Sun conjunct the Expanding Jupiter and the Containing Saturn in Aquarius getting a good shake up. This Moon is prompting you to call upon your virtue and with integrity step up to this challenge, patient perseverance in the vision of what you are attracting into manifestation. Open your mind’s eye to what your heart truly envisions for your future ?

With dignity reflect over the past 6 months, since the New Moon in Leo on 19 Aug 2020. Celebrate the strength of your character and will. This Lunar phase is reminding you to honor that You are triumphant on your path! Have pride in your life, this life experience.
Pride in your Soul Calling to be here now.

Some things need to break to let the Light shine through the cracks.
Don’t be afraid to grow beyond the comfort of your shell, embrace that naked vulnerable feeling that is inevitable when testing new grounds.

There is wisdom flowing in the stillness of your mind, as you meditate or when you dream be with that energy. Can you listen to your creativity flickering like an excited switchboard? Hone in on your talents and rejoice in them. Your Sovereign Soul is Awake and asking for you to See it and entrust it to Lead.

Full Moon intention inspired by Beautiful Chorus’ lyrics Sing Through My Voice: My Sovereign Soul sing through my voice, play through my hands, let the way be open.

This song sparked this musing and reminded me to get out of the way, to see beyond drama & trust the flow. Astrologically, I was drawn to the harmonic Moon Trine Chiron, Chiron Sextile Saturn & Mercury quintile Uranus.

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