Irish Spirit – March 17th 2024

Posted on: March 17, 2024

Happy Paddy’s Day! 

Yes, I honour Ireland, I am Irish, born and raised in the land of Éire. 

On this day, 17th March – celebrate Ireland! 

Join in the global festivities to recognise the far reach of the Irish Spirit 🙌💚🌈☀️🍀✨🔥🐉

It is a conflicting story of Saint Patrick. One I find hard to mark as the story that heralds my country’s spirit. It is more appropriate to celebrate Lá Fhéile Bríde, the Goddess Brigid/ Bríd – the Hearth Keeper of the Emerald Isle, the protector of Spirit 🔥 Celebrated at Imbolc/Imbolg – which has recently become a nation Public Holiday Day to Honour St. Brigid. 

In St. Patrick’s story, he drove the snakes out of the land, he brought Christianity to a Spiritual Nation that was inherently entwined with the Nature Spirits. His story is that he quashed paganism. Paganism is bastardised as any pre Christian or predominantly Indo-European belief system rooted in natural spiritual practice connected to consciousness in all living things. 

Yet the spirit of Danu was not vanquished… living on it the vast reaches that her peoples migrated to. Settling in hidden territory and like so many other colonised nations remained occulted for the protection of its value. 

It’s too easy to see that the symbolism of driving snakes out of the land is metaphoric for the Kundalini. The cross of matter (in this case the church) impaling spirit, in an attempt to control or master it. Therefore, master the people, the masses. 

Yet, on this, March 17th, the day that is in it we honour the heart, the great spirit that exists in Éiru and her Irish people, whether native or connected to this magical land anyone who has been there cannot deny this Spirit that exists there. It was never eradicated! It cannot be. 

It is the magic, the courage, the joy, and the camaraderie that exists in the hearts of the Irish people, and those that have lived there, is what we celebrate today. 

A Birth Right that cannot be slayed, the attempt to control only lasts for some time. The rising of the spirit has had many faces, rebels and rage were necessary parts of Her evolving strength. But the slumbering serpent, once forced underground, in dormant hiding has begun to stir and stretch. To unite with the many slumbering dragons that lay underground in cultures not that different once upon a time. They are ready to awaken and rise at the coming Dawn. 

When matter vanquishes the spirit, It can only hold it down for so long. For spirit is eternal. It is only matter that is held in the clutch of time but as the sands of time shift, dissolving the grip of its assumed control. And giving way to the uncoiling, the infinite force unfurls.  

In its highest form it is patient, understanding and loving. A force to be reckoned with.  One to be honoured. An integrated spirit knows no bounds when it seeks to unite and empower its people with love and infinite connection once again. 


So it is not a war between one another. 

It is not a power struggle between matter and spirit

It is the alliance of Spirit in Body. 

It is the conquering of fear of the unknown. 

It is the wielding of the sacred flame within that creates. 

It is the breath that purges the limitations of the mind, illuminating the pathway through time and space.

When the Spirit rises, standing in the dragons mouth: 

You are the blazing Light that radiated from its flamed breath, 

You are the eye that Sees clearly, 

Your heart unifies body and spirit, 

You are the Bridge that welcomes the Dawn to the New World. 



As I honour the land, the Emerald Isle 



May your heart guide the way 

May magic be recognised in the twinkling of all the eyes your connect with

May we unite in merriment


As Danu, the Great Emerald Dragon rises and reigns this year


May Her serpents return and awaken within you

May Her magic be remembered. 

May the friction of Alchemy produce a pathway to unite the polarisation of coming eclipsing days and nights


May peace be with you.

May we return to Love. 

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