Posted on: February 1, 2021


This wonderful window of transition is upon us. One of the cross-quarter festivals of the Wheel of the Year, which tracks the movements of our Sun through the zodiac, denoting our seasons and peak energy times. ⁠



Traditional holiday: 1st Feb

Astrological date: 15° Aquarius (Fixed Air) 3rd Feb 2021

15° of Aquarius is the midpoint between Solstice and Equinox


♒️ Aquarius ♒️

Fixed Air relates to the Divine Mind and Breath. The collective grid of electromagnetic energy, energy passing between the cosmos and the earth and vice versa. Your mind and breath receives these vibes and responds accordingly. Your intentions + attachments are held on the mental plane forming your perception of reality.

So, for this festival – Imbolg – Your internal head space is due an assessment + clearing.

What are you feeding your head with? Clear out the information and thought patterns that are no longer serving your best-case scenario.


i mo bolg / ‘i mBolg’ is the Gaelic/Irish for ‘in my belly’ symbolically meaning the growth of a creation/intention is in the belly, pregnant, cooking, not yet emerged but it has taken hold.  It is seen as a fertile time, the animals are birthing their young and we are at the dawn of spring, the time of the emergence of youth. ⁠

Imbolc has become a more widely used term due to ease of pronunciation.⁠


Festival of Brigid the Fire Goddess (Brid) – her name meaning “the bright one” or “the bright arrow”. Brigid is also symbolic of the yin equivalent of ArchAngel Michael, fiercely protecting and lovingly clearing ties for those who call upon them. Call them in when you light your candles for this fire festival


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Tend to the Flame ???

From the rumblings of change, if you can sense that the old is beginning to shed and is being called for a release.  Then answer the stirrings that you feel. Maybe a 24hr fast, a break from technology, a retreat in nature, a space cleansing… whatever you may require to help you through this shifting time know that you are loved and you are in sync with the collective energy we are cycling with now from Imbolc to Spring Equinox.

As above, so below. As within, all around.

We are reminded in this cycle to tend to a flicker of a flame, the first Light from Winter. Hold on to that Light within and be kind to it. Be kind to yourself ???

Responsibly caring for your Soul Light while you grow and emerge anew. This fragile time is reminding us to be good to our own energy, body, heart and mind. Soon, with your care, this Light will be strong + bright ready to shoot out with joyous expression!


Breathe In. Be Still. Exhale Fully. And let go. Surrender.


Tend to the Light and let it guide you through the agitation (anxious or exciting) that comes with adjustment and change. We feel this internal (fixed) pressure mount particularly in our mind-scape (air). Some feeling excited and giddy by this pressure others may feel a little frazzled, saddened or overwhelmed. Both reactions are just calling your attention to move with this turning of the Wheel.

As it is the mid point of Aquarius ♒️ (fixed air) think about breathing through this transition and clear your mind with deep audible breath. Make sound to shake it out and allow these electric sensation move through you. Make sound with rattles or with your voice!⁠ let it out – in the comfort of solitude or with your tribe – because it is building within.


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These methods can be used for general everyday space clearing, before workshops or holding a space for clients, before a dinner/ party or gathering, for a rental or short stay where someone else’s energy may still be there. Additionally, space clearing can also be used for ridding a home or space of entities, spirits and energies that may be deemed negative.⁠

Energetic clearing will enhance the energy of your space: therefore improving the energy you interact with and the interactive space for your family, colleagues and friends.

Regular space clearing creates a portal of flowing energy: therefore your space becomes a powerful transforming, healing + manifestation activator.⁠


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