I pray for evolution

Posted on: November 27, 2023

I pray for evolution. 

I pray for alchemy of our collective perception, to unfold from polarised and divided to harmonised and unified. 

I pray for evolution. 

I pray for transmutation for our collective heart, to melt the frozen forgotten states, to flow with the loving wisdom we carry as a people. And may we crystallise and embody the grace and gratitude in our cells.

I pray for evolution. 


I pray we evolve and realise our Light is no different from the other.

Evolve and realise that we share the same eyes that can see this beauty in the chaos, that we can live as neighbours carving out individual paths, without suppression or ignorance stifling another for some sense of inner safety, entitlement or victory. 

May we evolve and transmute the fear that this Light can be trumped, tainted or taken. 

I pray that our evolution clears the shame for its pattern of progress along the path.

May grace carry us all as we metamorphose as this collective now. 


~ musings from the eve of Astrological Samhain ☉ 15°♏︎ (7th Nov) with the Sun (Consciousness) approaching it’s conjunction to Mars (the planet of evolution and action) and as they court in the final decan of Scorpio they will be joined by Ceres, the Collective Soul of the Earth and be opposed by Uranus, the Radical Awakener. 

👁️ 🌊🔥🌍⚡️


May grace carry us as we metamorphose as this collective now. 

We invoke the lilac flame of divine love. 

Alchemise, transmute, evolve.

As above so below, as within so without, 

as the universe so the soul

and so it is. 


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