Hope – Soundless, Everlasting, Starlit Love

Posted on: February 3, 2024

The blazen haired one arrived on land in the dark of the winter. Awakening the slumbering forms with her bright torch: showing them how to be a fierce embodiment, to tend to the Hearth – protect the sacred spark of life. Breathing life into manifestation, listen to the inspiring call of courage + eternal love charging the pulse of every cell as it remembers its intention of creative expression. 

Like a wave it rippled out as the network came to life. 


The creation narrative. 

The origin scéal of Brigid. 

The essence of Imbolg.

The vibe of peak Aquarius. 


The flamed hair, the winged beings, feathered deities that bring Life…. The Shining Ones are noted in every creation narrative. The Starseeds are the ones today that recall our story from the Stars. ‘i mBolg’ in the Belly – the Vessel, the story of Light is remembered, poured out to the masses to drink its nectar of infinite immortality. Imbolg, this is the time to honour the spark of life that we breathe in, awakening our expansive existence. 

A frequency, a sound that creates a Light, that electrifies the memory of consciousness, held in the vessel that overflows abundantly, never fearing scarcity as this invigorating eternal life, inextinguishable, is endlessly flowing.

Soundless in its expression, known when stretched beyond a time + space that requires ears to listen, a resonating reverberation. 

Hope is infinite. 

Open your channel to remember this buoyancy that aids navigation as the flooding tides change.  

Just like Pandora, in Greek mythology the “first woman of Earth”, the jar (vessel/box) given to her, when opened can dispense “curses and evil” to humanity, yet within remains Hope. 

Taking from this narrative, life carries both darkness + light, humanity is capable of unforeseen consequences as it evolves, yet if it can remember the spark of Hope within that will shift perception, it can float through the flood, shine a light on the darkness + overcome challenges 🕊️ 

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, And the life of the candle will not be shortened..” Buddha.

Like a the Ocean in a drop or a Candle that Lights a thousand more

The tides will change + the infinite light shines ..

Inhale to invigorate the Hope + Fierce Courage to Awaken with the coming Dawn. 

Imbolg is a name given to this “time” when we celebrate the dance of Sol + Gaia, of Sun + Earth, of consciousness + embodied life. Although the Wheel of the Year is threaded to our seasonal shifts, they narrate the essence of Life’s Journey that is not bound to time or space. 

Remember this call. This frequency. 

Inhale. Deeply INHALE. Replenish. 

Really listen and be in the space your breath creates within you. Let it refresh your perspective + purify your spirit. 




IMBOLG Ceremonial Meditation»


A great time to honour poetic musings, I share only a few of inspiring words of the beautiful minds:


The immortal lines of the poem Little Things by Julia Carney. 

“Little drops of water,

Little grains of sand,

Make the mighty ocean

And the pleasant land.

So the little minutes,

Humble though they be,

Make the mighty ages

Of eternity”. 


Hitopadesha the Sanskrit text notes, 

“With the falling of just drops of water, 

the pot gradually gets filled up. 

So is the case with acquisition of all knowledge and all pursuits too”.


A Tamil quote runs, 

“siru thulli, perum vellam”

 (small drops and finally a flood)


And the great Rumi put it

“You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop”



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