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Posted on: February 17, 2024

17 February 2024

Venus and Pluto at 0°Aquarius 

Venus – the Loving Heart, the Spirit Embodied, the beauty, the harmony, the financial, the value and relationship. 


Pluto – the Inner Light, the Metamorphosis, the alchemy, the hidden, the corruption, the death, the rebirth and the empowerment. 


Aquarius – the Inner Voice, the Maverick, the Angel, the inhale, timelessness, humanity, revolution, the genius, the outsider, the change maker, the aspirations and the circulatory system. 

Conjunction – union, merging, seeding point, rebirth, reinforcement 

0°- critical point (of any sign), intensity (of that sign) initiation, innocence, revolutionary, impatience, idealistic. 

0°♒︎ – is a facinating degree as this is the first time for Venus to meet Pluto at this degree and sign. So it enables the collective to relate to Pluto shifting into Aquarius for the next 20 years. It is also the point that Saturn and Jupiter met at in 2020 on Winter Solstice 

Venus and Pluto at 0°Aquarius 

The heart feels a pulse that reaches far deeper than the mind can comprehend. 

More than words can describe and more than this singular perspective can fathom. 


This is a seeding point for our collective heart to reach into its deepest core and use that power to alchemise and evolve through these changing veils of time. 

Listen and Remember beyond time and space. 

This deep resonance with the pulse beyond here and now electrifies your rhythm. Reminding you what this heart is worth beating for. 

Beneath the fear amidst all this change, beneath the lack of communion between the heart and the inner light … beneath the darkness, comes this wave. 

A timeless wave that pulses from the inner voice that choses to break beyond the comfort and the pain, to liberate itself to reach a higher perspective. In turn, this brings together the many strands of the tale and incants it into the oceanic narrative of its own consciousness. Nada Brahma.  

Your heart knows. And maybe not a conceivable reality right now, not yet, but for some this is the dawning reality that is recalibrating the system already. Because the rippling vibrations are already encoded. And they speak to the heart today. Listen and feel these subtleties. Eternal Love. 



The pulse is calling for resonance. Your heart seeks connection in the collective rebirthing. 

The heart feels it all. Even the breaking. 

The depth, the pain, the harrowing torture that wreaks havoc on the human psyche and torments the relation to this vast spectrum of life. 

The darkness that consumes is merging and transforming the Spirit that Embodies to take that sharp inhale that cries for life to be renewed. 


Feel the desire of breaking free. 

Feel that sharp inhale burn through the lungs and crack the cocoon.

Feel these vibrations, shocking the circulatory system, and morphing from the back of the chest, like wings, lifting. 

Lifting, like the static from a balloon lifting the little hairs on an arm. 

It is a subtle frequency. But it alters without effort. 

So does Love. 

Maybe not now, maybe it is still too dark for you to see, the broken message not yet deciphered, but it has been scripted. A subtle harmony coded in our Inner Light. 

The static script is in the air, let it softly rebirth you. 

Within the echoes of my breath, I hear it. Cherishing the palpating throb in the vessel of my chest, I savour the little reminders to value this singular life expression as it enmeshes with the heart beyond the here and now.

It carries the essence of the colourful plumes that flutter as the Golden Heart breaks from its dark encasing, surging with the purity of its core – Love. 


Musings inspired by Venus conjunct Pluto at 0°♒︎ conjunct fixed star Altair and Mars 

A star struck love affair!


The heart begins to realise the cocoon is no longer fitting, the hug that suffocates, seeding a revolution in the heart palpitations. 

This squeezing time on the heart is just a beginning. We live with time that grows and lives out this seed’s blooming. But today, as the Mysterious Beauty electrifies us, we can also choose to feel, feel this subtlety, really hold in the heart a vibration beyond this now-moment of time. Hold a value of the depth of our potential, the great future of Love’s reach. 

The pulse is calling for resonance. Your heart seeks connection in the collective rebirthing. 

Like when music is played and it causes the body to tingle and the skin to have goosebumps, it’s like the sound has got the resonant chords within your form and you begin to light up from inside. So strange yet it shows you how connected you are to the subtleties in sound that stir your heart frequencies. Follow these sensations. 



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