Gemini Moon Solar Eclipse Guided Meditation Transcript

Posted on: June 10, 2021

As a 12th House Gemini Moon + Gemini Rising, when we gather for these celestial events, one of my most enjoyable things to do is enter into the etheric space with others and share the clairvoyant experiences that I witness as we weave energies together in circle, below is what played out today ✨ Thank you to all who joined ?


Take a few deep breaths.

Imagine walking through a gateway, along shimmering silver-white path leading you into an atrium. You find your place on a platform that hovers above a body of water.

Streams of energy pathways form a shining liquid web where many souls are gathering into this space – like your family, friends, neighbours. Multidimensional beings gather as guides, elementals, Angels and star beings.

All connections arrive at these platforms in this atrium. Calling in your emotions, memories, thoughts, projections…. they gather as individual entities holding a space for the frequency they are expressing.

Upon closer inspection, the body of water these platforms hover over, is a silvery dense  fluid. It flows in both ways, listening to the commotion gathering, adapting its form to fluently convey its findings. Trickling towards a central pool, the mercurial liquid rises and gathers together to form a central sphere.

This silver sphere is is constant motion. This globular quicksilver is an amalgamation of the energy gathering within + collectively.

Breathe audibly and hear the call to reach into your heart, your mind and your belly; draw out stagnant or erratic energy, emotions, experiences or thought patterns that are draining your system + blinding your perception.

You don’t have to name it. Remain with your breath: inhale – as you reach in, observe it and exhale – let out…  your left hand releases down to the flowing quicksilver below as it is drawn out. Sharing this inner energy with the collective gathering. No voice is unheard.

Enjoy with curious eyes as you watch the central sphere morph and contort its expression as energy is added to it.

Breathing deeply. Audibly. Enjoy this vacant space of no-thing-ness. You are like an empty vessel a clean clear tube – just breathing and witnessing.

Looking up take hold of the Hand that is reaching out to you. Drawing you to higher heights. Breath communes with you in echos and whispers. Listen, hear your breath.

As you lift up, held in the safe Hands, a fresh breeze draws in, (inhale) and cleanses the shadowy corners of your consciousness, reaching the lower aspects of your perceptions and inner reflections. Renewed life breathed into them.

Follow your breath. Conscious breathing. Impartial to the stream of thoughts, quietening the monkey mind, gently settling the nervous system of any emotional distress. Relax here in your Heart space.

{When you are ready …. from your meditative space, listening to the messages of your higher consciousness, receiving symbols and healing. Return to your audible breath}

From a neutral space of deep relaxed awareness. You are invited to listen to the celestial call. The waters are changing and the veils are dissolving. You hear the request to anchor these evolved patterns and codes.

Your Heart, Mind and Soul agrees to Embody this role. To honour and protect with the fierceness of a mother, to wildly stand firm for the sake of the young community that has yet to find their own voice, to patiently forge forward bearing the brunt of the chaotic dismantling – the silver armour can take a few dents, it may be soft but it is malleably.


Your expanded breath excites you and your mind’s eye is brought back to the atrium. You see a gaseous smoke funnel in from above as the many entities similarly agree to this role. The white smoke communes with the central silver globular expression. New information has been perceived.

Breathing into your crystal clear form your right hand reaches down to touch the quicksilver that rapidly moves beneath the platform you are on. A fluid mercurial bead travels up your hand and to your heart. Awakening a seed of remembrance in your heart, which causes you to radiate with a magnitude that rivals your wildest imagination!

Never forget this is the core of all that you are. Pure Light and Energy. Even when the external reality causes commotion to colour your expression and the inner voice cries because feels muddled or silenced – Listen. Breathe.

Rest in the goodness of your heart. It knows how to express your most luminous presence and will guide you to open to the wisdom abound.

Spirit knows how to heal, life endures.

Enjoy being present as a witness, curiously learning, digesting, assimilating, adapting and expressing your ideas in your thoughts, that become your words, that become your actions that become your presence that reply to you in your projected reality.

Breathe deeply. Breathe audibly.

Hear the inhale. Be with the pause. Feel the exhale. And enjoy the loving pause before inhaling again.

Don’t forget to take it all with a pinch of curiosity and mischief, it certainly helps when things get heavy and you loose your way. It’s all spirals of snakes and ladders!

“Nothing is like it seems, and yet everything is exactly like it is.” -Yogi Berra

Solar Eclipse & New Moon Blessings ?

Gemini Sun, Mercury , Moon and Earth in alignment offering this portal of energy to stream into our embodied Consciousness.

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