Gemini Full Moon

Posted on: November 27, 2023

Gemini Full Moon Blessings 🙏

🌕♊️ 09:16 am UT  tomorrow morning (27 Nov 2023) 

The bloom from the seeds planted 6 months ago (June 18th 2023). A good time to check in with your emotional narrative and its impact on navigating your journey. A simple Full Moon practice ‘Gratitude and Release’

What has been useful to learn about yourself these past 6 months? (Offer abundant gratitude) 

What is a stale affirmation that no longer holds this present day version you up? (Release with ease) 

This Full Moon is lighting up your nervous system ♊︎ and is amplified with its opposition to Mars – How is it feeling and what actions are you going to take to enhance/protect it? 

Perhaps use this lunation to wrap up a narrative of the second half of 2023. Note the power of your breath over your mental chatter (maybe apply some disciplined practice to implement a simple breathing practice over the Christmas period in particular to keep your system and soul strong  (as the Full Moon conjunct Mars are square 90° Saturn – manifesting structure and wisdom)

→ Listen to your Breath, detach from the noise and mental gymnastics for a moment and listen to your body breathing. Feel your body breathing, moving. Feel the life pulsing, beating in your witnessing moment. 

Listen to the body’s response to your attention on its breathing movement. Observe your mind’s desire to serve your Prana, and how easy it can be distracted from its practice. This is a simple discipline, sharpening the foundation of your Prana containing channel. 

Pranayama (vital life force regulation) from yogic traditions, are breathing techniques and exercises provided to harness your vitality that regulate and train your body/mind to remain neutral ♊︎ to external and internal disruptions and happenings. Equally pranayama uplifts and strengthens your vitality to expand within and beyond its channel/ body. 


Full Moon at 4°♊︎ Mutable Air opposite Sun ♐︎ Mutable Fire, opposite Mars at 2° ♐︎, and square Saturn at 0°♓︎

09:16 am UT 27 Nov 2023


If you don’t have a regular pranayama practice, this lunation is a great opportunity to try the following and reap the benefits of this connection to your soul self: 

Inhale for a count of 4

Pause for a count of 4

Exhale for a count of 4

Pause for a count of 4

=1 cycle

Repeat for a few mins, at least 22 cycles. 

Breathe IN – feel the passionate connection to your Divine Soul, to your inner workings from this human experience, and to the bubbling and (potentially boiling) e.motions that are brimming over for you to process and assimilate at this Lunar Illumination of the Divine Messenger ♊︎ 🌕 what is it telling you about yourself? About your inner workings and about your evolving soul? 

Before you go to breathe OUT and share your feelings and findings, check-in to see what is worth absorbing? “You are what you absorb” 

Be curious- is it your emotion to hold and enlarge, before exhaling it out and sharing with others? Who will benefit? Or is it a feeling to teach you something, guide your perception, expand your understanding as you observe its movement (reacting/responding) through you? 

Can you find a feasible/realistic neutrality for your present day expression and harness this inner perception to adequately express your emotions with passion and vigour without snuffing the air out of another, or dismissing their perspective or distorting the truth with unresolved hurt and defensiveness? 

Following your OUTput, utilise the next pause to channel, set boundaries and discern what is of vital importance to take IN (emotionally, mentally, physically) to maintain and promote a thriving Soul Connection of your Evolving Spirit. Use this to breathwork observation to regulate and train yourself to find neutrality amongst external and internal disruptions and happenings. 

Inhale for a count of 4

Pause for a count of 4

Exhale for a count of 4

Pause for a count of 4

Repeat this cycle for a few breaths. 


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