Envision a Light Beam

Posted on: April 10, 2021

Image Credit:Scott Chaseling’s Sanctuary, in Redemption of Colour exhibition at Canberra Glassworks.

Vision Share:

Envision a Light Beam and a cylindrical tube of glass surrounds this Light Beam. This Light, from the Source of all the way to the base of where this Light is Radiating, is surrounded by a crystalline casing. Tethered around this crystalline cylinder are additional glass forms that encase further Light Streams, some are coloured glass or have interesting shapes, they form an intricate series of patterns around the central tube that houses the Light Beam. When this Light is shining it produces a colourful pattern and casts fascinating shadows. To witness this miraculous display of Light, Colour and Form is pure joy!


Reframing this Light Beam as a Pure Stream of Consciousness, it would recognise that it is the Light Beam at the Core. That the pattern of colour and shadow radiating out in front of its view was an exciting display to engage with, share and learn from. This display was a hypothetical experience, not its actuality, but a wonderful illusion.


The oddity of this illusion is that once this Light Consciousness “ventured” out beyond the realm of the central tube and traversed along the rays of cast light it got lost, and forgot its origin. 

Turning to look back at the vast crystalline structure emitting colourful Light, it perceived this epic monstrosity and intricate force to be a foreign entity to itself. 

Now, as a fragmented consciousness with a vague memory of something awesome…  hearing a faint call, and a force that cannot be denied moving from within, driving its awareness back to that awe inspiring Light of Origin. 


Your Perception is similar to that of the Light Beam. 


On this Aries New Moon, allow the dark nights to play host to your colourful display and embody the Soul Remembrance.

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